Friday, May 8, 2015

Spring time and shows!

I cant believe it is already May and the year is approaching to an end quickly. We have been doing many fun things and have been on many trips. We recently watched the Anansi show and we learned about African puppets made from wood. We also went to see Skippy Jon Jones and we even made clay scultptors at the Noguchi Museum, followed by a great day outside.

African puppet show

We also had the chance to have a police officer visit us to help the students continue their study on police officers and what they do and the type of uniform they have. J.H' dad came to show and teach the students all about police officers.

H and S look at different police materials

As we have been studying our caterpillars and they have now turned into butterflies which we will release today, in reading and writing we have worked on making diagrams to show what we have learned. 
K diagram of the caterpillar

w butterfly diagram

In word work we have continued to work on word families. We made word family flowers.

On the Noguchi Museum trip we used clay to make sculptors just like we have been doing in art with Ms. M. We also played outside and had a great time. 
I.S, and D play with Ms. Brittanys class

I.S going down the slide.

H and the teacher make a sculptor

J.H and t work on theirs

J makes his

I.B, K and J make a sculptor

This week in reading and writing we have started something new. We have started learning about nonfiction features and how to books. 

B and J share a nonfiction book

D looks at nonfiction books

In the how to we looked at how to make, do and go. Students worked on observing and sorting the materials. 
A how to make book
Students also used these to help them start their writing.

we also have been working on different projects as well and in art we painted our clay pots which students will bring home today.

Ms. M with J and R work on their pots

Also today was crazy hair day.Students came in with different looking hair!

To all my mom's Happy Happy Mother's Day!!!

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