Friday, April 25, 2014

What's going on

Welcome back from our Spring Break! This week students had the opportunity to work on making connections in math with grouping numbers and also with using jars to show their connections.
L works on her grouping 

showing how to make 10

showing 11

In art this week with Ms. Belinda students worked on looking at their faces with mirrors to create the start of their self portraits. Students picked out their skin color based on what they looked at in the mirror. They also also worked on making sure to notice how their eyes were shaped. They will continue to do this until they create their entire self!
F looks to see if his paper matches

S works on making the shape of her face

In reading students have been working on nonfiction and looked at facts this week. They learned how to gather facts from using the pictures. +
F looks for facts in his book.

Z's facts from her butterfly book

We used the smartboard to look at nonfiction texts.

In the block center students worked on making really large buildings. 

Q measured himself 

Today we had a safety person come in to talk about bike, car, and walking safety. Students received bags with information and activities to do at home. 

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