Monday, January 6, 2014

New Learning

Today we started looking at how to choose just right books in our library to help us read independently by ourselves. We talked about how a book can be too easy if we can read it super fast and quick, too hard if we can't read a lot of the words, and just right if we can read most of the book but just have a few mistakes. Students will be working more on choosing their own books and will be reading even more independently.

In writing we started looking at an author Donald Crews. We made a circle map and listed all the things that he does as an author to help us in our own writing. Students will be working on looking at Donald Crews to help them become better writers, by really looking at the pictures to help them and also using a lot of details in their work.
G circles all of the details he notices

J discusses what he noticed about Donald Crews writing.

In math today we discussed the difference between more and less. Students learned a new game and played who has the most. They grabbed a large amount of cubes and then wrote down what they had counted. They then compared their work and talked about who had the most and who had the least. 
Z and I play together

S writes down her amount and A counts her cubes

D counts his bears 

A and I play together

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