Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thinking maps and Alley Pond

Students have been working on different thinking maps. This week we looked again at brace maps and also tree maps. Students have been looking at families and how they are alike, different, and even the same. They worked on drawing their family members they live with, and also worked on thinking about all the members in their family. They used maps to display their thinking.

M made a tree map of her family members

D worked on his tree map

A made a brace map

Today we took a field trip to Alley Pond Environmental Center. Students learned about what mammals are, reptiles, and birds. They went on a nature walk, looked at all different animals, and even had the chance to touch birds, a rabbit,and a snake. Students really enjoyed the trip and it was a great day of learning. Thank you parents and family members for helping us on the trip!
looking at squirrel pictures

rat photos

learning about opposums

bird feathers

looking at bird nests

students looked for animals on the bridge but found frozen ice

students looked at a dove 

L touched the snake

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