Friday, January 17, 2014

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today in class we talked about who MLK was and why we celebrate him.Students worked on a thinking map about who he was and why he is important. We also took a brown egg and a white egg and discussed how people can look different on the outside but on the inside were all the same. Students watched as we cracked the eggs and noticed how even though the eggs were different colors on the outside when you mixed them they were the same. This was to help teach them about what MLK wanted and why he is so important. Also to help them understand that no matter what people look like, we should treat everyone fairly.

our circle map showing students responses to who he was and how they know the information

We also created a multi flow map to show the even and the causes and effects of what he did as a person.

K's multi flow map

f writes how he wants everyone to be considerate

M writes how you should be good and not bad

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