Monday, January 13, 2014

learning how to collect data, and more writing like Donald Crews

In math we talked about what a survey is, and also how to collect and read a survey. Students were asked questions based on a book that was read how they knew which category had the most, the least, and or if there was a tie. Students then today worked on a graph about their favorite foods. Students wrote their names under the correct column of what food they liked. We then talked about the results

most students liked icecream, followed by apples, then pizza, and last french fries.

In our writing as we continue to write like Donald Crews, students worked on adding signs into their writing today as a way to show readers what the story is about, and how the signs can tell you where to go. Here is one example of a writing across three pages.
d addeed a lot of signs to show how he went fishing

He then added more details across the pages to show what he did when he went fishing.

adding even more

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