Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Great day of learning

Today students worked on finishing their Old McDonald Farm houses with animal puppets. They brought them home. You can practice the song with them and have them act out the movements and make the noises of the animals. We worked on this to help the students have background vocabulary for our trip to the Farm tomorrow. We also have been talking about apples, tasting different apples, and today we made apple sauce as a class. Thank you to L and A's mom for sending in their apples from apple picking. Students smelled the sugar, lemon juice, and also helped me put the apples into the bowl. They also sprinkled the sugar and cinnamon on the apples. Tomorrow we will taste it after our class!
E works on her puppets for the farm

J['s farm for the animals

J put Old Mc Donald in the barn

J and J smell the lemon

L smells the lemon

Our apple sauce ready to cook

In math students have been working on numbers and working on making different combinations in their journals. Yesterday we did the number 1. Today students drew different ways to show the number 2.We then shared as a group all the different ways to make groups of two. Students came up with many different examples. 

J made a person and two balloons

M's combinations

I made combinations of two

all different combinations of 2. J's two triangles

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