Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thinking Maps

This week we will be working on Bubble Maps. Bubble Maps are a way for students to use adjectives to describe an object, character, or even themselves. Yesterday as a class we worked on a bubble map by using different apples that I got from apple picking to taste, touch, smell, and eat. Students really enjoyed this and it was a hands on experience for them. They will be working on these all week with the goal of having them create one on their own by Friday. At home you can easily ask them to make one for you and you will be surprised at how well they can do it. Although they are not really using words they use pictures to help them.

Last week they learned what a circle map was.As a class we tried these all week, and on Friday Ms. Tu came in to do one herself. Then students had the opportunity to create a circle map all about the things they liked. Here are some photos to show you what they look like and some student work.
Student works on a circle map showing things they love

My circle map (reads Ms. Cruse likes _________)

Bubble map (reads apples are ____________)

G's circle map

P's circle map 

words that help students remember which map they are working on. 


  1. This is serious stuff! I'm digging the circle maps - I've never heard that term before. I love seeing your beautiful room Ms. Cruse, makes me miss TALES :)

    1. Merril the thinking maps are such a great tool!! I miss you and hope you are doing well. You look like you are having a great time!