Thursday, September 19, 2013

More learning

Although its only been 9 days, the students are really starting to get into their routines and open up more with their classmates. They have been working more in centers and developing some new friendships and conversations. Students have been working on teamwork, how to solve problems, and also how to socialize with each other using positive words. They have been going to different classes as music, movement, and science. Although its only been 9 days they really are doing a great job, and I look forward to seeing their growth throughout the year as their personalities develop and they learn through many different ways. Here are some photos from this week!
I and K work on writing with dry erase boards, markers and crayons

J and M use puppets to help them develop language

M and L work together to find upper case and lower case letters

J works on a puzzle

A and M work together to tell a story with puppets

Ms. Brittneys students work with F and D on the light table

J and A work with scissors, construction paper and glue
Families to those that came to the open school thank you again. It was great to share with you what the students are doing and meet you again. Have a great weekend!