Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A New Year

I'm so excited to welcome a bunch of new students to my classroom this year, and look forward to what the school year will bring. I know the students will be nervous on Monday, as will I be. I am looking forward to meeting each and every student along with their families. I can't wait to take the new classroom and set it up with student work and ideas. I finally finished setting up and am looking forward to putting up what the students do and bring to the classroom. I am also looking forward to implementing the Responsive Classroom approach more, from attending  a workshop this summer. Another new learning idea that I will be doing more of this year our Thinking Maps. Overall I can't wait for the first day, excited and nervous at the same time!
new seats

art area

writing area and center

listening center

dramatic play

block center

our meeting area


view from the front

Parents don't forget to check out our blog weekly. On here you will see what your child is doing, learn interesting things, and also be given resources to help your child at home. Looking forward to a great school year. 

On Monday your child will be bringing home their take home folders. Make sure you fill out the papers that say bring back to school, and on the other side it says keep at home. Make sure you check it every night and if you have questions don't forget to use my email