Friday, June 7, 2013

Career day and Fun!

Today students were able to learn about and meet different people who came in to talk about their jobs. It was such a great experience for them to see real life professionals and learn about different types of jobs. Today we had Mr. Gordon a songwriter, Mr. Rivera a personal injury attorney, Mr. Andy a man from Con Edison, and Gary for the United Nations. Each speaker spoke about what they do and how they go there, as well as brought in materials for the students to pass around and enjoy. It was a really great day, thanks to Ms. Sandner and Ms. Tu and the rest of the school for setting it up. Below are photos from today!
Mr. Gordon plays a song  for the class

Mr. Rivera talks about how to be safe and the courts

Mr. Andy shows his Con Edison wires

Mr. Gary's UN passport and light

Mr. Gary shows all the places he has traveled for work
On Wednesday students went to the Botanical Garden and were given a tour. They had such a great time and even had the opportunity to run in the grass without their shoes and jump and play in the water. It was such a fun experience for them!

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