Thursday, January 31, 2013

New explorations

Students talked about how to let people know we are open or closed. They created signs
L made pizza with toppings
Students have become really engaged in making a pizzeria and have started to make pizza slices, menus, and even create signs to create a restaurant. Today they were discussing how they want to make food and invite people in to taste it. I am really excited about this and am looking forward to seeing where this takes us over the next few weeks.  We talked about how much pizza would cost and the type of pizza they would make. So far they have come up with cheese, pepperoni, pineapple, broccoli, mushrooms, and mixed. B even made a children's menu and other students have become interested adding ideas as adding icecream for food, drink ideas, sides and salads. In March we are going to California Pizza Kitchen which will give them a real life experience of a pizzeria and how things are made.

The oven and closed sign 
more pizza
The pizzeria in progress

In the play dough center today students used play dough to create pizza and then put it on to a tray. 

A's pizza
B's pizza

Today also in centers students continued to work in the block area. The other day students worked on adding a  wall to prevent people from knocking down the buildings. They then created signs. 

B made a sigh  for his building

Students really were engaged and work together to make sure their buildings would not fall down.

Students also have been working on measurement in math. Over the past few days we have been trying to figure out how we could measure a shoe and figure out how we can get the correct size. Students came up with some really great ideas. Some even did things like area, and one student J came up with creating a balance to measure the weight of something. Today we continued our discussion thinking about more then and less then in regards to spacing and fitting objects. Some students believed that a tub of cubes could fit into a smaller box. They took the cubes and connected them to find out they could make rows of 11 but that not all of the cubes would fit. 
B traced his shoe

J created a balance to measure how heavy and light his shoes were

K traced her shoe and then used cubes to measure how long it was

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