Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A possible new project

J tapes his sign to the pizzera
Today in literacy centers students were using the puppet center. In the center they took the big puppet stand and wanted to turn it into a restaurant. I told them Ms. Esther's class made a bakery and we should spend sometime upstairs looking at their work to get some great ideas. I also told them that maybe we could make it into a pizzeria as pizzerias serve other food besides pizza. K had a great idea and used googly eyes to create cookies. We then talked about price and how to package them to show "customers." Students also looked at a pizza menu to get ideas and started making pizza. They even wrote some signs to show their work.

cookies for sale

Students then had a conversation about how they could turn the room into a real restaurant. Some ideas that floated around were we can invite people in our room and make food. We can make menus. We can make food in centers. I am interested to see where this takes us. Although the dinosaur project has begun to fizzle down as students have figured out the mystery builders, some students are still working on ways to create more letters and send to the students. We are going to leave the materials out but take a look at doing some new discoveries and learning. 

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