Monday, January 28, 2013

New explorations in math

Today we launched a new math investigation with Ms. Janan. She had told the students her friend was going to buy shoes but she needed to know what size to get. So she asked if the students could help her by figuring out a way to measure by using blank paper, cubes, and a pen. K said "they have to be the same size for both feet."

H uses cubes to figure out how to measure

Students then went back to their seats to figure out how to do this. At first they didn't understand and were looking for an answer. H said, "let's measure by tracing our shoe." After that students began to catch on and created different ways. B created his own tool to measure. At the end students came back for a congress and K explained that she put her foot down on the paper and then traced it. A said you had to measure from the middle and said too many cubes and to take one off. Tomorrow we will go back and figure out:1. what to measure?, 2. How to measure it?, and 3. What is a tool we could use, instead of using cubes that might be easier?. It was interesting to look at the students work and see how they did the measuring.

A tries to figure out how many cubes long

It will be interesting to see what they come up with tomorrow. Lastly students figured out that the mystery builders are the afterschool students from Ms. Sandners class!

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