Thursday, November 15, 2012

New games, puppets, and where we are from

Today in Social Studies, students took a look at where people come from. We had a class discussion about where we were born and where our families come from. Some of the places included Japan, Korea, China, Poland, and The United States of America. They then drew and wrote about where they come from.

B, W, and S play Guess Who
Students also worked on new learning games today. One of the games they learned was Guess Who? They used picture clues and words to help them read and find out who their neighbors person was.

A makes mail
Students also worked on creating sentences with a memory game.

Students in the writing center also created mail to send out to their classmates and then put the mail in the class mailbox.

 Lastly students worked on acting out more emergent story books. They also created masks to help them tell the story. Here you can see the students acting out the Three Little Bears. 

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