Friday, October 12, 2012

The farm, and sharing!

A pets the sheep
A gets her pumpkin 
Yesterday we took a trip to the Queens County Farm Museum. During the trip students were able to go on a hayride, observe animals, and even pick their own pumpkin. They learned about what grows at a farm and also what is inside a pumpkin.  They also had the chance to see and learn about all the many different things that go on at the farm.
I also want to thank all the parents for helping us out. It definitely made the trip that much better!

When we returned from the farm students had a lot to say which was so exciting as it will not only help them with their language and learning, but also give them more ideas to write about for their stories.
Today in writing students had the opportunity to work with a partner and share their stories. They took turns listening to each other and then also telling each other about things they liked. They used the sentence starters, My favorite part was ______________________, Next time you can _______________, and I liked ________________ because. 
K and E share their stories together

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