Friday, October 12, 2012

What's cooking and fun?!

B works on cutting the recipe out
At the end of the day today, students had an opportunity to work in a new center. The cooking center!! They made pumpkin bread. Students worked on reading the recipe, mixing, learning new vocabulary, and even wrote a book about how to make the bread! \
E mixes
L and K mix the dough

Students also had the opportunity to make leaf prints and used wax paper. I then ironed them and we created almost a stained glass looking image.

A wrote school to show her building of the school.
Also at the end of the day they worked really hard in the block center. Students began building a city. They then began to label their work, after I had asked them "what are you making, do you think we could add something to this so people know what you made?" They then went on to adding some words after I had helped them a little.

S and Ms. Rebecca do sponge painting.

Even Ms. Rebecca participated in the painting center. This was so much fun for the students!

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