Friday, October 19, 2012

Groups of five

Today in math students worked in groups at their tables. They used chart paper to explore how to make and create different groups of five. They went off and worked at their tables. It was so great to see how engaged they were and how they were really able to show their thinking. At the end we had a congress and looked at the work. Students came up and explained their thinking. They even showed how they had made mistakes and then what they did to fix their counting and understanding.

A shows how she can create five
From this I took a minute to think about how great it would be if we had more time for conversations about our work and how it inspires the students to really think about their thinking, and come up with an explanation without me giving them a strategy to use or how to do it.

H demonstrates his understanding of five. 

K came up and spoke about how he was able to understand and create a group of five. 

Students really enjoyed seeing their work and really were engaged in thinking about five. Some students were so excited to take charts home to share their ideas with their families.

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