Monday, October 22, 2012

Math groups and counting

Today in math students were paired with different teams and worked on different tasks. One group worked on counting and collecting materials in the classroom. They were given a variety of materials and then worked together to count and then label the materials. It was so great to see them work together and also figure out how many of each object. Some of them were able to count correctly the first time. Others when I asked them how they knew for example there were 11 dry erase markers, said cause we counted. However when they modeled for me how they did it, they found out they had to go back to re count the materials. This was a great way for them to validate their thinking and learn from their counting how to make sure that what they count matches what they had written down. Now when students go to use objects they will be able to make sure that the amount in the bins matches the amounts written down.
K and W count the markers and discuss how many  there are with each other before putting a number sign on it.

Another group worked on 1:1 tagging and correspondence by using a math number line to create towers to mach the numbers. 
T creates her towers. 

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  1. I loved seeing how they were counting the various items! K and W were awesome at recording their discoveries too!