Friday, September 14, 2012

Our first full week!

I can't believe how quick the week has gone by and how great the students are doing. They are starting to open up and talk to each other and feel more and more comfortable each day. I am amazed at how they are getting the hang of things and feel like they are going to be a great group of students. So far I have noticed that so many of the students are interested in dinosaurs, fossils, and even a discussion of "dinosaurs are in the building, because I saw a dragon sign" has come about.  I am going to continue to observe this topic and take a look at where it leads us and hopefully will lead to a great project that the students will become very excited about doing.
working in playdough
 It was so great to see the interactions they have had with each other in centers and how they are able to put materials away and take them out on their own. They are working so nicely together and interacting as if they have been together for more than a week. Although some students are still a little shy I can't wait to see what the year brings and how they grow together as a class!
The puppet center has allowed for so much verbal language!
K notices different shapes and images she can create!

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  1. What a wonderful first week Ms. Cruse! :) It's so great to be working with you this year and I love reading your blog!! :)