Sunday, December 5, 2010

A new topic

Exploring with ice outside.
Recently students have taken an interest in ice, and winter. They have been exploring temperature as well. We will continue to work on this project. It started with freezing animals in ice, and then students wanted to add shells and rocks and put them in the freezer. They were not sure how to get the rocks out, but student w said,"let's drop it to see if it will break."  The idea worked!!! Students then wanted to use colors and put that in the freezer. They found out that it will freeze and stay colored.  After exploring with ice and color they wanted to paint with it. They did this by using craft sticks and ice. They froze the ice and then used water colors to paint with it.  We will continue with this study to see where it leads us next!!!

adding colors to ice

adding rocks and digging out animals.

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