Friday, December 10, 2010

New topics of interest

As part of the Reggio approach to learning, students have been talking about and exploring shadows, different animals as birds and mammals, as well as snakes and reptiles. Their interests have been leading them in many directions. One way it is going is that students are beginning to investigate and learn more about birds. They are also very interested in animals with fur, because a few days ago on the playground they spotted an opossum.

Students also had the chance to have a visit from the queens zoo. They were able to explore different animal furs and skins as well as see different animal puppets. They will continue learning more about animals with their upcoming trip to Central Park Zoo.

students observing what happens with shadows.

Student W observes a animal book and then creates a sketch.

Student K observes what happens with shadows.
In the classroom they have also been looking at shadow and lights and have decided that they want to put on a show and invite members from the school. They talked about making props and popcorn.  In the next few weeks to months we will see where this leads us in the classroom. We do not know where things will lead, but it will be interesting to see as the months and weeks go by. Have a wonderful weekend.

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