Friday, December 17, 2010

More bears

Families, I want to thank you for helping us out with the great trip to Central Park Zoo yesterday. It was great and helpful to have you.

We are still learning more about bears and other animals that hibernate throughout the winter. We have been looking up information on the computer, using nonfiction texts, doing observational drawings, and coming up with a lot of questions for more investigations. We also used crisco and rubber gloves to create blubber. Students put their hands in two gloves and then on ice to see what would happen if they kept it there. Their results were that the "blubber keeps the hands warm, just like animals.


As a result of this, students have begun to express an interest in creating a play of their own based on The Three Bears. We will begin working on this after the holiday break. It will be a work in progress but we hope to have it ready to perform by February. 

Bear Paw
Today we had the chance to do some cooking and create bear paws. The recipe was sent home and if you have a chance you could make it with your child over the weekend. Have a wonderful weekend, and last of all a very happy holiday.

Next week will be the last week before break. I will update more after the vacation.

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