Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To's and Nonfiction

This week we have been working on so many fun and exciting things. We recently finished up are all about non fiction books. Students were able to become animal experts and they also worked on making comments to help their classmates grow and glow. They were able to read each others work and celebrated the great work they have done. Students also have begun to work on showing their animals and the homes they live in through the use of paper, clay and other art materials.
S makes his shark in his habitat

T and J and A work on their animal homes

Students observe others work

S comments and gives glows and grows

Part of a nonfiction all about book

Upon completion of the nonfiction unit, students have begun to work on how to do, make and go. We launched the unit by starting with How to make Ice cream. We borrowed materials from Mr. Andy and then made the vanilla ice cream after. Students then were able to eat the ice cream and choose to have it in a bowl, a dish, and if they wanted toppings. We then wrote a class book together to help us remember how to make the ice cream. 
materials and ingredients

D mixes it together

K helps with the ice

U adds salt to the machine

R and s enjoy the cones

After doing a how to make we wrote a how to do. We wrote a how to play checkers book and then played the game and also how to blow bubbles, in which the students went outside and were able to blow bubbles. Today we even made butter in the cooking center and then tasted it on crackers!
N plays checkers

After going outside we then came in and looked through bins of how to's to see what we noticed. We will begin writing our own tomorrow. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jewelry , nonfiction, take apart and ants

This month has been off to a great start. We have started our nonfiction questioning unit, and have begun to become researchers on animals that we will be making into books. Students have become really interested in jewelry making and have been working on making order forms for teachers and other students in the classroom.
students filling orders

making necklaces and bracelets

In the take apart center students have been working on using safety goggles and also have come up with rules to help others who choose that area as a center. They have also been really excited to see how the pieces inside are magnetic and can connect to the magnets in the other science area. 
I writes rules

D takes apart the cd player

J works on observing what was inside

Students have also been studying ants and have been working on questions about ants which will now help them with their research they have begun on different animals. students have also been working on observing other things in nature to help them understand how scientists observe things that change. 

being a scientist and observing a plant

students observing tadpoles

One thing we have been working on with nonfiction is how we can gather facts from pictures to help us learn information. 

K works on his map and uses the picture to find facts
Readers use the magic four to get information

Monday, March 21, 2016

What's going on : St Patricks Day, Studio, partner writing, and more

We have been doing so many fun things over the past few weeks, and we are beginning to study ants too. For st paticks day we learned about the holiday and learned why some people celebrate this holiday. Students were able to graph different items from the Lucky Charm Cereal. Students also worked on making
T makes a puppet in the art center

Students made hats

Also we had a parent workshop and students were able to play math games with their family members. This was a way to help students teach their family members how to play games we have been playing in class. 
A and her mom play top it

Students play topple with their family members

playing ten frame game

In choice time from donors choose students have been exploring water and they were exploring water marbles. We discussed what would happen if they put the marbles in the water. By the surprise of the students the water marbles became very large. The students were very excited.

S observes the water marbles. 

Also from Donors choose students have been working on kites in class and thinking about how to make kites. After exploring how kites fly, students were able to start decorating kites, in hopes to fly the kites soon when we get windy days.

students make a kite

Also in the science/art center students have been working on using wire, goggles, and wire cutters to make sculptores. Students then became interested in making different art.

E makes his art 

 In the blocks S and U have been working on making different countries and have been working together.

 Below is India that S wanted to build based upon his trip to India.

more wire cutting art 

E makes his pictures and works on exploring different materials

As far as outdoor play has been going, with the exploration of spring and changes happening students have become interested in planting and also working together with their classmates using the materials outside.

students worked on sorting lucky charms for st patricks day 

In art, students have been working on drawing and creating illustrations with Ms. Kristene. They have been using different tools to help them create detailed images.

 With the first day of Spring being yesterday students worked on making thinking maps all about spring they had to choose either a circle bubble and or a tree map to show what they know about spring.

Also today we received a new class pet. We will be studying and observing ants. Students are really excited and can't wait to learn more about these insects.