Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall and fun!

This week was a great week of learning and exploration in the classroom. In writing we decorated the students writing folders where they will keep their work throughout the year. Students added stickers and family pictures to make their folders more personal and special as they use them.
students decorated their folders. 

During the week we introduced literacy and choice time centers with the students. They were able to work in the library, use alphabet materials, dry erase boards and wikki sticks. They also used the writing center and even worked with their friends to sort and put together puzzles. It was so great to see the students work and learn together. 
R and S work in the alphabet center

Students work with magnetic letters

Students work with dry erase boards and wikki sticks

Students go shopping in the library

In choice time students had the opportunity to choose different centers. They worked with the science, light, painting, reading and puppets, special reading corner, and even had the chance to write their own stories. We talked about sunflowers and students worked with Mrs. Pat in the painting center to create beautiful paintings. 
R and M work in the reading corner

j, S and J observe in the science center. 

N and S observe our class fish, Cody Goldi Blue

V and T work in the light center

Students observing sunflowers and painting.

This week we also explored more with our playground study. Students are really interested in adding swings to our own playground by using a tire that they found in the garden to make that into a swing. Students want to add new materials to the playground that we do not have at our school playground. This week we hope to take a walking trip to another playground to help us explore more with playgrounds. 
exploring in the garden

S and J observe and smell the flowers

Students created a tower with blocks on the playground

Another fun activity we did was to create fall trees by tracing our hands and tearing paper to create leaves. This was helpful for fine motor skills and a fun way to introduce the new season.
P and V.L make their fall trees

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Learning more and more

V.L used his poetry notebook

This week we learned how to use more materials in the classroom. We explored different writing tools as pens, pencils, crayons and colored pencils. We worked on learning how to handle and use books as well. 
J shows the class how to choose a book 

S, J, and R play on the playground

T plays basketball

D works in his poetry notebook

This was a great week for our class. We learned new things and explored different materials. We were able to play more on the playground, learned the routines for reading and writing workshop and even were able to work on our first poem Twinkle, Twinkle in our poetry notebooks.  Students are beginning to learn how to interact more with each other and they are already making friends through play, activities in class and reading. We are going slow in the beginning before we get to centers and more in the classroom to help the students have a successful school year.  We even were able to explore the special reading corner this week!

M and V.L. read during reading workshop in the reading corner.

Also some other teachers as Mrs. Dubin helped us throughout the week to help us get used to the routines of being in school. 
Mrs Du works with A and S during reading

R works with a pencil and creates a story

N makes a story 

W makes a story

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What a great first week!

Welcome to Kindergarten K-209. As we are beginning to settle in and learn new routines and rules, students are beginning to feel more comfortable and they are starting to get the hang of things. At home to help your child we have a take a break chair in the classroom to help students think about the rules if they forget and it also helps students calm down if they feel frustrated or upset.
This can be a difficult time for the students as they are adjusting to new rules, people in the school and all the great learning we are starting to do. To help your child ask them what they did in school, go over the rules at homes and help them to get to bed early. Thank you for all the help and support so far during this first week and the weeks ahead. Below are some of the things we have been learning the past 3 days of school.

Although we have not met all the students in our class we created our door helping students feel more at home
we made our door!

This week we have been practicing how to use the cafeteria and have even tried some tasty food! Students have learned how to get healthy options from the salad bar!
We practiced listening to rules

Students waiting to get there lunch 
In regards to projects this year we are starting with a playground study. We have learned rules, created rules, and even have had the opportunity to explore the playground. Some students are even able to use the monkey bars!
J uses the monkey bars

T uses the monkey bars
Every day students will be learning more about play grounds with hopes this will spark an interest in a project~

We have also had the opportunity to explore how to use different writing and art tools we will use this year. Students have learned how to use crayons, colored pencils, and pencils. We talked about what we use each one for and how we can use them. Students were able to create their own illustrations with these tools. 

A and r explore how to use colored pencils and what they can create

M and P work with creating a picture with colored pencils

T uses a pencil to create a picture

We also worked on what good listeners do and how to sit during morning meeting and read alouds. Students below show what good listeners do!

 Here are more pictures from our experiences on the playground over the past few days. We are working on getting along and helping each other out!

S and J work together!

We also discussed and worked on how to use books correctly today. We start by looking at the pictures. We pick one at a time and then turn the pages from the corner.After we put the book back and then choose a new one. 

J shows how to get a book

 Below are more pictures of students working with writing materials.

J shares his art work

 Even though we are starting out slow this is great to help students remember routines and learn how to use materials for the school year. Have a great week ahead!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To's and Nonfiction

This week we have been working on so many fun and exciting things. We recently finished up are all about non fiction books. Students were able to become animal experts and they also worked on making comments to help their classmates grow and glow. They were able to read each others work and celebrated the great work they have done. Students also have begun to work on showing their animals and the homes they live in through the use of paper, clay and other art materials.
S makes his shark in his habitat

T and J and A work on their animal homes

Students observe others work

S comments and gives glows and grows

Part of a nonfiction all about book

Upon completion of the nonfiction unit, students have begun to work on how to do, make and go. We launched the unit by starting with How to make Ice cream. We borrowed materials from Mr. Andy and then made the vanilla ice cream after. Students then were able to eat the ice cream and choose to have it in a bowl, a dish, and if they wanted toppings. We then wrote a class book together to help us remember how to make the ice cream. 
materials and ingredients

D mixes it together

K helps with the ice

U adds salt to the machine

R and s enjoy the cones

After doing a how to make we wrote a how to do. We wrote a how to play checkers book and then played the game and also how to blow bubbles, in which the students went outside and were able to blow bubbles. Today we even made butter in the cooking center and then tasted it on crackers!
N plays checkers

After going outside we then came in and looked through bins of how to's to see what we noticed. We will begin writing our own tomorrow.