Monday, September 29, 2014

Shapes, Apples, Pumpkins and Fun!

Our shape circle map 
Today we worked on finishing up looking at different shapes and even played the game what shape am I thinking of. I used clues such as this shape does not have sides, and is the face of a clock. Students were able to then tell me a circle. We have also been working on different counting activities and count arounds to help students become familiar with number and math routines.

Students shape collages that they finished last week.

We will be working on patterns in the next few days in math!

We started our share today with the star of the day. A was our first share. She share out her favorite color, animal, food, age, name, and things she loves. This was then hung and will be left out to read until our new share goes on Wednesday. After we will turn it into a class book. 

A writes how old she is. 

The next share will be B. Make sure to send in your finished papers as soon as you complete the assignment.

Today we reviewed the circle map and tomorrow we will revisit the bubble map. The new map is the double bubble map which compares two objects and also shows how they are different.
We looked at an apple, pumpkin, and piece of wood. Students were able to create their own with new vocabulary they learned.

our class circle map of an apple

some student work on apples
Today in language development centers a new center the kinetic sand center was opened up. It was really exciting for the students. J.Z, J, R and M played with the sand. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shapes, Puzzles, and More!

This week in school students worked on reading with partners and also continued to read independently. They worked on being able to read by themselves and then move into their reading partnerships.

J and B work on independent reading and then would move into a partnership .

J works on reading

I.B works on her reading

B reads on her own
Students when they were done moved into their partnerships
N and O read together

J and H read together

I.B. and L read together

In math this week we worked on shapes, sorting and also how to use shapes to create pictures with paper , glue, and oil pastels. They worked on identifying shapes in the classroom and were able to even discuss how they noticed their water bottles were in the shape of a cylinder. 
N works on his shape collage

Students also were able to work with a new shape puzzle and they also had the opportunity to create images in the geoboard center, as well as the shape trace and create center.

W and B work on the shape puzzle

W works on the puzzle

J.Z works on his shape collage

Students in word work this week were able to create name puzzles. To make it more challenging we added in the last names. Students once they finished their puzzles switched with a friend to see if they could spell their classmates names. 
N works on putting her first and last name together

B works on her puzzle

K and S work on their names

B works on the puzzle

J works on his puzzle with his table
In writing this week students worked on adding facial expressions, details, and also labelings to their writing pieces. They worked on also illustrating their stories to help those imagine if they looked at the picture that they were really there! Some students even used the family photo wall to help them with story ideas and how to spell words as mom and dad. 
H worked on his story about how he was dreaming about that he was at the zoo and saw a monkey. You can see how he added details and even wrote the word zoo. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lysol Healthy Habits, and Centers!

This was such a great second week of learning and fun in school. We had the opportunity to work with the Lysol Healthy Habits company and the students were able to learn all about hand
Jerry Rice outside with the principal
 washing. The students were able to go on the bus and use the computer to wash their hands and also learn more about being healthy and germs. NFL retired super bowl champ Jerry Rice who is affiliated with healthy habits was at the school. He signed autographs and even threw passes with the Mr. Groff!

Students outside the healthy habits bus

getting ready to go on the bus

L on the bus learning about germs

J on the bus learning about germs

Students learn a song about germs

T washes his hands in the computer

B getting her photo done

This week students also created different thinking maps to help them in reading, writing, and also how to work well with each other. They also focused in on making sure they understand the difference between letters and words and also upper case and lower case letters.
We learned about each others birthdays with a flow map

We talked about feelings and what we like to write about wtih circle maps

Tree map on writing workshop procedures

Looking at each others names and noticing how many names start with the same letter. 

Tree map on reading workshop

Tree map to help in reading workshop

Circle map to help us remember math tools. 

poem of the week with our word wall word I. 

This week students also had the opportunity to try choice time and use new centers. We opened up the science center and the rice center as two new centers. The computer was also a new center that the students enjoyes!
T and J enjoy the computer

students worked in the stamp center

I.Z, B, and L in the playdough center

M from Ms. Brittanys class explores the new magnets in the science cneter

J explores with materials in the science center

J.z. observes different stones

D looks at how the magnets stick together and is so excited.

B, L, Ms. Brittany and M in the rice center

Students also explored sorting in math this week and worked on making different maps to show how they sorted materials. 

J works on sorting by size

B and L sort by color

H and B work on sorting 

J.Z creates a bubble map to share his sorting