Sunday, November 27, 2016

Art, writing in the world, Happy Thanksgiving, and more!

Jason's dad came to help in art this week. 
This past week we finished up our math unit . During this unit we worked on understanding how a story can help us solve a math problem, and we also explored and learned more about 2d and 3d shapes. To help students with the unit, and making sure they were able to explain shapes they ended the unit with a describing shape game, in which they told their partner how many sides and angles the shape has and then they had to guess the shape.
J and A play the shape game
In writing we talked about and tried more writing. We created lists, and menus and students continued to use paper to make cards during choice time. 
J makes her card in the writing center during choice time. 

In blocks and outside students still continue to create games while they play outside and they also have continued to use the blocks to make a playground in the classroom, using different materials as cardboard to help them make different parts of the playground that they use daily. 
Jmakes and awning for the playground 

Creating tall sides and parts of the playground like our school

In the studio program the students have been working with clay and they have learned how to score the clay so that it sticks together and they have also worked with pinching and also flattening the clay. J's dad came to help out this week and in the play dough center students created little cakes and cookies to add to the dramatic play center. 
A uses clay to make cookies

We also celebrated Thanksgiving this past Thursday and had a feast in the classroom, in which we tried different foods , discussed what we are thankful for and learned about the first thanksgiving and created turkeys, and native american and pilgrim hats. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Playground games, Veterans Day, Farm Trip, and new materials

teaching others how to play games on the play ground
This past week we continued our play ground study with a focus on games we like to play on the play ground. Students have taken a liking to games as london bridges, jump roping, and even tag as well as games they like to make up and play on their own. To help us with this, we worked with a partner to create a piece of writing to show how to play a certain game to help teach others and also to add to our class library as books to read and hope to make a game making center during choice time.
J and J show how to play hopscotch

During this week as we work more on using materials to add to what we are working on, students in the block area added different tools to help them add cars and also work on stacking blocks to make animals as they work on building. This week we will work on keeping the same students in the blocks in hopes to help them create something different and document the work. 
students add different items to make cars

This week thanks to Ms. Dubin, students had the opportunity to meet a Veteran and learn about what a Veteran does to help them understand why we honor and celebrate Veterans Day. They learned how to salute and march!

This week we went to the Farm in Queens. Students were able to observe and learn about the animals on the farm, and they also were able to get a pumpkin and take a hay ride around the farm. They learned how chickens bathe, the wool is used from the sheep and they were able to feed goats and learn about he alphachi.
on the hayride

feeding the goats

We had a great time! This week as we continue to work on writing in the world we will learn how to write cards, create post cards and also continue to work on babys adventure in math as well as continue our work with emergent story books. Don't forget picture day is Thursday and trip money is due by Tuesday1

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Happy Halloween, playground study, new math and new reading/wriitng

This past week we celebrated Halloween. The students observed different things, created halloween crafts such as bat and spider hats and then at the end of the day we dressed up in our costumes.

In reading and writing this past week we started new units of study. In reading we are working on acting out stories and using stories as the Three Billy Goats, The 3 Little Pigs, The 3 Bears, Bunny Cakes, Mrs. Wishy Washy, The Little Red Hen, and Cordouroy.  With these stories we have learned to read the books without the words and we have been using puppets to help us with storybook language. 
acting out The Three Billy Goats Gruff

S cuts out her puppets

In writing we started our writing in the world unit and we have been observing different types of writing and we started working on signs this past week and will move into making cards in the upcoming week. Students observed other types of writing as advertisements, post cards and even recipes. 
V. L observes writing
As we continue our play ground study, we took a trip to the Maple Playground where we observed the playground, discussed materials that students could even use in our own play ground and also discussed how the playground at school is different and how there are some items we would like to build for our own playground. With the mini trip students also took what they observed and added it to the block area. 
M observational drawing

more drawings of what we observed

J and N work on adding a road and slide to the playground

a playground  like the one we observed
students thinking how they cold show the path
In math we started a new unit called Baby's Adventure in which a child takes a path outside. During this unit, students will think how to solve the problem without prompt in hope that they can take what they observed and use different tools to figure out the answer. Before telling the students the answer they were sent to use any tools in the classroom to figure out that the path the baby went on was a shape of a square and that they had to think how four lines and corners could make this shape. 
P used pattern blocks

N figured it out by using a geoboard
With Ms. Rebecca this week the students played I have do you have game to help them with vocabulary and also helping them learn new language structures. 
R and S play

Sunday, October 30, 2016

New writing, playground games, Happy Diwalli

This past week students have started new writing called Writing in the World. We are learning all about different types of writing we use and see daily from signs, to post cards, to cards, recipes and even coupons. Students explored with the help of Ms. Rebecca signs we see near our school. We also walked around the school building to observe different signs too.
Ms Rebecca leads the class to help them look for street signs, cross walks and more things as mailboxes
After the walk students then worked on using the sheet Ms. Rebecca made to draw something they they were able to find out on the walk.

In writing we also finished our first published piece and shared our writing with our friends in class. We talked about great things each of us are doing and then gave suggestions on how to make our work even better.
S and M share their writing together

A and S share their writing 
In math we have moved from working with shapes to exploring and understanding numbers to 5 through the use of games and using our math journals to show how we can make different numbers to show our understanding.
A shows how to make three

M and S play the number dot games

In our class with our playground study students have become more interested in games as hopscotch, red light green light and also tag. Students have also been working in the block area to make a playground.
a playground

Students used a book to help them build in the blocks 

Also as halloween is approaching the students decorated a pumpkin and also carved a jack o lantern and then took out the seeds and pulp. We will roast the seeds and try them next week. Students also made play dough and added orange this time to create jack o lanterns in the play dough area.
V. C shows his jack o lantern

V , J and S paint the pumpkin

J, V.C., and S work on taking out the pumpkin

On Friday we learned about the holiday Diwalli the festival of lights. Jahnavi's mom and Lavana from PTA came in to share about this holiday they celebrate. They brought in Dias which are candles they use, showed pictures and even made food for the class to try. They wore their Saris to show what type of clothes are work, and students made Rongoli mats to take home.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Projects, making Bread and more learning experiences

A wrote about the playground
P's story of her playing outside on the playground

This past week we have been looking at the work we have been doing on the playground and also with studying different aspects of a playground. We started with what we like to do and what we know about playgrounds, and have now moved to games we can play on the playground, and also using collage materials to show different things we like to do on the playground.
circle map of what we like to do 

tree map on what we like to play and games

students playing games outside

A collage of the swings on the playground

This week in choice time we worked more in the block center and students have been working on building tall buildings and even have started to come up with little games just they play on a playground outside. In the dramatic play area we worked on cooking and we made pumpkin bread which we shared as a snack on  Friday!

our bread!
In the block center we also worked on keeping up our buildings so that we can return to add more the next day.
a building 

In science and outside students are very interested in studying and sorting leaves. They bring in leaves daily and we have been adding them to the art center daily and then have been reading and using books to explore different leaves and learning about all the types of trees they come from. 

V makes his own book with leaves and leaf rubbing plates

N and A observe leaves 

We also opened our easel painting center and with Fall and Halloween approaching students used the pumpkins and paint to create different images they observed. 

 In math we have been working with shapes and continue to count daily. This week we used paper to make collages with different shapes.
student S made a  heart and recctangles
This week we finished up our first writing unit, and students were able to edit and publish their writing in which they used crayons and colored pencils to finish their writing by making it even more beautiful. Another thing students have started to use emergent print to write on their own and make cards in the writing center. 
A makes a card

P finished writing which also relates to the playground study
This week we will be celebrating our writing, working with pumpkins and looking more in depth at our playground study, leaves, and learning new letters and sight words as well as begin new reading and writing units.