Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Decorating folders, Partner reading, More centers, and a Castle!

This week we took the musical instruments outside. Students made a band and used the different tools to make different sounds. They even made a marching band!

partner reading
In writing we have been writing everyday. We even have made a beautiful folder to keep our work in while we write everyday. We have been working on adding details and making sure we make our faces match our stories. We even have talked about how to tell the difference between real and make believe.

In reading we have been reading independently but also have learned this week how to read with a partner. We even tried today to move from independent to partner reading.

In our choice time we introduced a new choice the art center. In this center students have been making scarecrows as part of the weekly art craft.
students decorated their writing folder

Students are starting to interact more with each other and are really making friends. In our playground discussion students want to have a castle on the playground. Today they took cones and legos and started to turn our playground into a castle. They were using different materials and were working together to turn the playground we have to a magical castle.
the beginning of the castle. 
Students then took the legos and started to bring them over the playground!

Students again partner reading. They are sharing the book and taking turns. M and S share piggy and elephant.

In choice time since it is Fall, new play dough was added. There is now a pumpkin scented and apple scented play dough. 

students using the new playdough

students exploring the fall sensory table.

more work at the light table

N uses the pumpkin playdough to make a pumpking

In the writing center this week students have been exploring with words and letters. Some students were even able to write all by themselves!

m wrote a message to her family.

It has been a great week of learning so far. Tomorrow we hope to explore the building of a castle on the playground and we will be opening the science center in choice time. Students have also learned how to make a circle map and in social studies they have learned about fire safety. Ms. Rebecca taught them Hot hot stay away! We also sorted lower case and capital letters, and in writing we will learn how to edit. In math we are working on shapes and patterns!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Choice time and the playground

Students worked on taking apart their names with a focus on upper case and lower case letters
students explored in the puzzle center

This week we have been working on choice time, this is the time the students get to choose a material to work with and explore this area. We also have on the playground new lego blocks which the students are really excited about using. They have begun to become friendlier with each other and are starting to make friendships and feel more comfortable. We have also been working with letters in our names and even learned what a sentence was today.

students made a castle for the playground as part of our discussion on what a playground needs
As a class we have been working hard to help each other be good friends and also have worked on following rules and routines. The students are doing such a great job. We are working on rhyming and also counting and shapes in math. It is a great beginning of the week.

students learning in the sand center

working with new drawing materials

students used the water color paints to explore colors

we used playdough to explore and make shapes

The students are doing such a great job of working together and are really starting to discuss things more and come up with great project ideas. 
working in the alphabet center

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Learning everyday!f

It is almost our second week of school and although we are continuing to work on rules and routines we are starting to get into learning how to use materials and also how to work in reading and writing.
We have explored water color painting, play dough, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, and even have used the sand table. Each time the students are using the materials they are becoming more and more creative. In reading we are learning how to read independently and in writing we are working on how to write using quiet music and pictures. In math students are working on using materials and also how to sort and work with shapes.
J and C read back to back 

S reads during independent reading 

F picks out  book for reading time

In writing students are learning how to use different writing tools and how to work during the writing time so they are able to create great stories. On the playground the students have really been interested in using the sand box and have been working so nicely together.

students worked in the sand box. They found different tools and were working together. 

In writing we are working on what is a story and how to make sure we add ourselves in our stories each day. 
V and A work on their stories

K works on his writing

f writes a story
working on what to do during writing workshop

tools we use in writing
We tried choice time today where students were able to choose where they want to explore and play

W, T, E, and K work in the sand center

M, U, and A work in the picture center

A, J, V work in water color painting

Rm Ym Dm A and F work in playdough

M, T, work on a puzzle

A and S use the alphabet center
As we continue to work students will be able to choose many fun centers to help them socialize and learn. Happy eid to those that celebrate and Yom KIpur . Enjoy the two days off.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our First Week Of Kindergarten!

We just finished our first few days of Kindergarten. It is hard to remember in June how the students are able to do so much and yet in September it is back to walking in the hall, using the bathroom, and learning how to sit and listen to directions and stories. I looking forward to seeing how these wonderful students I am teaching now will grow into ready first graders by June. This week we worked on how to walk in the hall, explored math materials, learned how to use crayons, markers, and pens and even were able to start some self portraits. Some of the students were even able to participate in the read aloud. They are such a great bunch that I can't wait to see what they do as a class this year. We even were able to go on the playground!

Students explore the crayons

In music Ms. Kim taught a fun song

pattern block exploration

Ms. Maggie and Ms. Rebecca show the students rules in the cafeteria.

students watch and learn all about what to do during lunch. 

In math students explored the pattern blocks. 

E makes a tower

S and T play on the playground

J and S use connecting cubes to explore. They started to measure

 K R, F and S explore pattern blocks
 It was a great first week of learning and I look forward to next week.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A new project: The bakery Project

Students have started a bakery project!

cut out cookies for cake pops

a wedding cake

bowls for icecream

decorating station

D works on adding to the cupcakes
the other day , after art, students were given colored clay. J.Z came up with the idea that he would like to make cupcakes and cookies. Then in the playdough center students started making candy and then a great learning experience took part. Students were so excited that we started to create a classroom bakery and center. The bakery was named The Sweet Bakery and students worked on making an opening sign, used vocabulary to create lists and menus and then even created a ordering station,  in which they had one part of the class become the cooks and the other part of the class the owners. Students have been really excited about this, and we will continue to have this center. They have really been working on team work, writing, and even have been using their math skills in this center. One teacher Ms. Tautanico is getting married this upcoming weekend, so they have decided to make her a wedding cake.
the price list and a tree map on who are the workers

students cookies and cupcakes

B continues to set up the coffee station

The baker!

Each day students are getting more and more creative. They are making coffee, tea, using an oven and even created a fridge. Some students have taken to making cake pops, and even some are making really fancy ones. Our grand opening will be in June and we hope to have real items for tasting!

fancy cupcakes made with buttons and glitter in the art center.

This week we finished up our how to books. Today students shared their books. Each student worked with a partner to give a glow and a grow to help them peer evaluate their work that they have completed.
J.Z works on giving a glow and grow

Glow and Grow for N's paper

T and D work on their books

This was a great thing because students really learned from their classmates and they talked about all the great things they did and what they could improve on. 

In math this week we are working on problem solving. We start with acting it out, to sketching it to making a model to then showing our work with an equation to then further explaining our work through writing or words. 

The problem was: "I saw four girl runners, and then I saw 2 boy runners. Then 3 more  runner came by. Students were not sure if the last runners were boys or girls, but they started to sketch out their thinking below. We then acted out the problem. 
J.H shows his thinking

L shows her thinking.