Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A new project: The bakery Project

Students have started a bakery project!

cut out cookies for cake pops

a wedding cake

bowls for icecream

decorating station

D works on adding to the cupcakes
the other day , after art, students were given colored clay. J.Z came up with the idea that he would like to make cupcakes and cookies. Then in the playdough center students started making candy and then a great learning experience took part. Students were so excited that we started to create a classroom bakery and center. The bakery was named The Sweet Bakery and students worked on making an opening sign, used vocabulary to create lists and menus and then even created a ordering station,  in which they had one part of the class become the cooks and the other part of the class the owners. Students have been really excited about this, and we will continue to have this center. They have really been working on team work, writing, and even have been using their math skills in this center. One teacher Ms. Tautanico is getting married this upcoming weekend, so they have decided to make her a wedding cake.
the price list and a tree map on who are the workers

students cookies and cupcakes

B continues to set up the coffee station

The baker!

Each day students are getting more and more creative. They are making coffee, tea, using an oven and even created a fridge. Some students have taken to making cake pops, and even some are making really fancy ones. Our grand opening will be in June and we hope to have real items for tasting!

fancy cupcakes made with buttons and glitter in the art center.

This week we finished up our how to books. Today students shared their books. Each student worked with a partner to give a glow and a grow to help them peer evaluate their work that they have completed.
J.Z works on giving a glow and grow

Glow and Grow for N's paper

T and D work on their books

This was a great thing because students really learned from their classmates and they talked about all the great things they did and what they could improve on. 

In math this week we are working on problem solving. We start with acting it out, to sketching it to making a model to then showing our work with an equation to then further explaining our work through writing or words. 

The problem was: "I saw four girl runners, and then I saw 2 boy runners. Then 3 more  runner came by. Students were not sure if the last runners were boys or girls, but they started to sketch out their thinking below. We then acted out the problem. 
J.H shows his thinking

L shows her thinking. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Earth day, math, and more!

In math this week we are working on decomposing numbers to make groups. We worked on making cookies and separating them into two different piles. 

making 16

making five

a group of 5

a group of 8
Students have been studying endangered animals, and the rainforest. They made projects on the red eyed tree frogs, and also used recycled materials. They learned about how to help the rainforest, the composting to help worms, and they even planted bulbs for the garden outside.
Parents made paper mache bowls for the earth day 

T used the rain stick

the rainforest of paper mache animals and class projects
Students were also able to look at other students projects made from recycled material.

A worked on Mrs. Nessers recycling game

J and B and J play too!

This week students also worked on making how to books. They worked on making how to books. To start the unit they did a how to make a pizza as a class. They used pepperoni, mushrooms, pineapple, sauce, cheese and pita to make a pizza. We then wrote how to do it as well. 

how to make a pizza

J and B made a how to make 

eating and writing how to make a pizza

We will continue with the how to makes this week as well as nonfiction features of texts!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Spring time and shows!

I cant believe it is already May and the year is approaching to an end quickly. We have been doing many fun things and have been on many trips. We recently watched the Anansi show and we learned about African puppets made from wood. We also went to see Skippy Jon Jones and we even made clay scultptors at the Noguchi Museum, followed by a great day outside.

African puppet show

We also had the chance to have a police officer visit us to help the students continue their study on police officers and what they do and the type of uniform they have. J.H' dad came to show and teach the students all about police officers.

H and S look at different police materials

As we have been studying our caterpillars and they have now turned into butterflies which we will release today, in reading and writing we have worked on making diagrams to show what we have learned. 
K diagram of the caterpillar

w butterfly diagram

In word work we have continued to work on word families. We made word family flowers.

On the Noguchi Museum trip we used clay to make sculptors just like we have been doing in art with Ms. M. We also played outside and had a great time. 
I.S, and D play with Ms. Brittanys class

I.S going down the slide.

H and the teacher make a sculptor

J.H and t work on theirs

J makes his

I.B, K and J make a sculptor

This week in reading and writing we have started something new. We have started learning about nonfiction features and how to books. 

B and J share a nonfiction book

D looks at nonfiction books

In the how to we looked at how to make, do and go. Students worked on observing and sorting the materials. 
A how to make book
Students also used these to help them start their writing.

we also have been working on different projects as well and in art we painted our clay pots which students will bring home today.

Ms. M with J and R work on their pots

Also today was crazy hair day.Students came in with different looking hair!

To all my mom's Happy Happy Mother's Day!!!