Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Applesauce, Botanical Garden, and Thanksgiving

This week students have really been interested in cooking and creating a bakery in dramatic play. To help them understand what a recipe is and how to make something from many different ingredients we made applesauce as a class. We used apples, lemon juice, sugar, cinnamon, and a crockpot. The students were able to taste and help cook it.
M adds the lemon juice

K sprinkles cinnamon

D adds the apples

R adds the sugar

t adds water

U adds water

N adds more water

This week we also went to the botanical garden on a leaf hunt. Students learned about and explored different types of leaves. They also then took the leaves and made bookmarks. 

To celebrate thanksgiving today we made pumpkin pie, learned about the holiday, made turkey hats and made mini books. The students really enjoyed making the pumpkin pie and they even served it to their classmates!

we added whipped cream

our pumpkin pie

Students enjoyed making turkey hats. On their hats they wrote what they were thankful for. 
E and her hat!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Special show and more choice centers

Last week we had the opportunity to watch dancers perform dances from all around the world. They showed the students dances from mexico, italy, france and africa. The students really enjoyed this as they were able to see how dancing can be similar and different from all over.

C and A were chosen to dance!

Students this week have become very interested in color mixing, baking, and even have created a super hero center. During choice time students are working on being in charge of these centers and have started to come up with some great project ideas.
S and N work on color mixing
E working on a puppet for the superhero center

This week we even made playdough. The recipe was sent home today. Students then took this play dough and have decided to use it and make a bakery center. 

students making play

This week we introduced block building teams. Students chose their own teams and have been working on building with blocks and team building. Each day they build and then on Fridays they share with the class what they have been working on and then on Monday the next team will build. 

making a tower in block building

In the bakery center students also worked on making a menu and also added in some new tools to help them. 

bakery book

In math we have been working on games and learning how to understand and break apart numbers. We have been playing cover up, roll and record, bear racing and even towers. 
cover up 

bear racing

building towers

bean race

ten frame game

In writing we have been writing all about different things. We have made signs, cards, post cards, lists and even menus. Today we worked on making menus

ice cream menu

superhero menu

food menu 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Diwali, post cards, letter books and more

Students learned about and celebrated Diwali in class today. They learned about Rongoli mats, diyas, and even were able to taste a snack made by Sahijveers mom. She brought in a sweet snack, and food for the students to taste. She explained the holiday and what they do at home. During the morning students watched a short video from India and then made Rongoli Mats. The mats are used to decorate houses during the holiday which is very similar to christmas in the United States.
V making her rongoli mat 

S and J 

In writing we have been learning all about different types of writing and how writing can send a message. Today students were introduced to what a post card is and why we send them. We talked about how when you visit somewhere and you want to let someone know where you are and what you saw you send a post card. 
U made a post card

In word work we have started to make our own letter books. Students are thinking of words that begin with the letter of the week and then we make a class book. Some students are even able to write the words on their own. 

W made eggs for E

D made a rocketship

We finished up celebrating veterans day with making badges. This is also another type of writing. we also read pattern books about veterans day.

Today Sahjiveers mom came into the classroom. She spoke about Diwali and even read a story!

showing the diya

trying food