Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 2 and ready to learn more!

Today students did a great job at remembering all that we did last week during the first week of school. Today we introduced the bubble map which is when students use adjectives and describing words to talk about an object. Today they used water color paints to create their bubble map.
The green frame shows how do we know this

Students paintings they created with their exploration of water colors

Today in math students explored yet another math material. They used the geoboards to create different images and shapes. They were able to even use math vocabulary to help them. By friday they will be able to have choice time in which they choose any of the math materials we have explored to use the tools in way to do learning.
J and I create different shapes

R creates shapes

Im really excited to open centers soon. The sand/water table below was funded through my donors choose sight. I can't wait to get the rest of our materials. 

Our fall sensory table

Last week students used their pictures to show their self portraits here is the class!
Our self portraits!

Throughout the week we will be working on writing out names with different shapes, using glue, scissors, dry erase markers and getting more acquainted with center work. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our first full week !

Tomorrow will be the completion of our first full week of school. This week we really focused in on routines and rules and worked on using the chime. The chime is the signal the students will use all year when it is time to clean up or move on to new activities and learning. They also have been working on going over how to sit on their rug spots, how to walk in the hall, have gone to specials, and have even had time to explore materials through guided discovery. We have also been talking about what a friend is and how to use our words to solve problems. That will something we really focus on in September so that way the students will be able to be problem solvers throughout the year, and so that we have a nice calm learning environment.

In reading students have been working on how to handle books  and what reading workshop is. Today they worked on how to sit back to back in their reading seats and worked on putting books away correctly as well as taking one book at a time.
A and I.Z. work on reading back to back

J. H looks at his book 

H practices reading in a whisper voice

In writing workshop this week students have been working on using a circle map as well as what writing workshop is. Students created hearts to draw pictures of what they want to write stories about. Tomorrow they will get their special folders where they will decorate them and put their writing in daily! They explored with crayons today which is one writing material they will use in their writing this year.

In word study students are working on making sure they are able to identify capitals and lower case letters. They are also working on writing their names. Today we created a My name is _______ book. 
N and I.S work on their names

W works on his page

L works on her page.
In math students have been working on using and exploring tools that they will use this year in math for counting and solving problems. They have used bears, connecting cubes, pattern blocks, and dominoes. Tomorrow they will have choice time to use any of these. 

J, K, W, and H use dominoes

J, N, J, B, and I use bears to explore.

Students had play time at the end of the day today and were able to use play dough as a center. Centers will be choice time but we are introducing one center at a time.
T, W, and L create different things

B, R, J, and N use the play dough

N makes a snowman
Tomorrow they will have the opportunity to use this again as well as work on routines and other activities.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Our first full day!

Today was a great day of learning and revisiting what we did on the first two days of school. Today was a full day and students were able to explore some new materials and has science with Mrs. D today. They also ate in the cafeteria and had the opportunity to play on the playground. Students also explored with pencils and pattern blocks. They also worked on creating classroom rules which we will display and sign tomorrow. They also talked about what to do in the cafeteria and how to behave. I was so proud of them as they remembered how to walk in the halls, sit at the rug, and even use the hand signals to show they understood learning. As the days go by we will start doing more of the academic and exploration, but the beginning of the year is the time to set the tone so they understand what to do and what is expected. I am looking forward to another great day tomorrow!
students sang with Ms. Kim

B in the lunch room!

students worked on exploring with a pencil 

A works on her exploration and so does R

l works on her writing 

W creates a story about Canada

S and K work on a story

Today students during the guided discovery of a pencil even were able to label their work!
J. Z. made a story about his family and labeled it!

T makes a photo of his family 

In math today students explored with pattern blocks which is one math material they will be using this school year to help them with their thinking and exploration!

B and T create different things

J. H, and T work on a making a tower

H made a bridge

bunny rabbits


Throughout the year students will be using thinking maps as a way to get their thoughts down. As we launched this today we started with the circle map. This map has an idea or information in the center and then students list inside the circle words to tell about it, and also to list information. We created one as a class on ways to behave in the lunch room .Students will use pictures now but will write in words as the year moves on. 
It reads in the lunch room we listen. In the lunch room we use a fork. In the lunch room we chew our food and use a thumb to get up or use the bathroom. In the lunch room we sit in our seats. 

Key words to help students remember the map and what to do.