Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Easter and more

Happy soon to be Easter and Passover! Today students had a really fun day of activities and learning in the classroom. They also watched a performance and also created bunny puppets and made cards. At the end of the day they will be dying eggs to!

Ms. Brittney dancing

R and G making puppets

Over the past few weeks students have been watching their caterpillars turn into butterflies. Four out of the five have emerged. M is taking them home over the break to set them free and take photos of the experience! Students really enjoyed the experience of seeing the caterpillars change from a butterfly to a chrysalis. 

In math students have been working on making number combinations and have also been working on figuring out how to make different groups of 10 by using cubes and counters.
K counts her numbers to check her work

J works on his combinations

They figured out 7 on their own and we added a few more

M makes his combinations

In art on Thursday Ms. Belinda taught the students how to make designs in their paper and also create collage paper just like Eric Carle. The paper will be used to help them finish up their culminating art project for the art show that will happen later in June.
A and A make their designs

P and M make their paper

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Apple boxes, Transformations, and Questioning.

Today when the students arrived to class, they were so excited that their caterpillars had started to transform and were now in the pupa stage headed to becoming a chrysalis. Right before our very eyes, S said, " look Ms. Cruse the caterpillars are now in a chrysalis

." By the time we went to science three out of the five had undergone metamorphosis. Students were so excited because when they lined up they saw the chrysalis moving, which mean the caterpillar has started to change into the butterfly.

Today in reading and writing, students worked on looking for answers to questions they had in their non fiction books, and also worked on asking partners questions about their observational drawings. The students created circle maps in reading and then took their information and turned it into sentences.
S 's questions and writing 

J's questions and writing

Today in math we looked at the problem, I have some apples, some are red and some are green. How many different ways can I arrange my five apples in the box. As a whole class we had students show their models and then other students shared out their thinking. Students then were able to make the connection between a model and a number sentence. 
S models the thinking

M makes his apple box with cubes

Monday, March 31, 2014

Nonfiction, Partner writing, Observations and more!

Today when students arrived in the classroom, they were so excited to see how much the caterpillars have changed since we first received them last week. We watched videos on the smartboard to show the changes and also learned how they go through something called metomorphosis. The students learned that the lifecycle starts with the egg, then goes to the caterpillar, to the chysalsis, to the butterfly. They learned about molting and what transparent means. Students worked on questioning, and also created a circle map to show what they already know about caterpillars. They even worked on creating observational drawings of what they observed the caterpillars doing and also what they observed in different texts.

questions the students came up with after looking at the smartboard

table five observes the caterpillars

students information about what they already know

E's drawing

S's drawing

Today in writing before students went to sketching, they read their personal narrative pieces to partners. They read to two different classmates and then discussed what they thought the person did well and what they could do better next time.

G and E share stories

J and D share stories

Q and P share stories

Today in reading students also learned with a double bubble map  the differences and similarities between fiction and nonfiction. To help with this at home, make sure you are reading both types of books!