Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Clay art, observations, and questioning

Last week when Ms. Monica came she introduced the students to a new art material, clay!! She taught them how to mold it, pinch it, fold it, and even roll the clay to  make different shapes and models. Next week the students will use the clay to start constructing different objects and or animals of their choice.

Ms. monica is showing the students the clay 

She showed the students how to attach the clay to get it to stick together

Ms. M's pig sculptor

W works with the clay

D and J.Z create different objects

T, L, and K make objects

B made an owl

L pinches her clay!

Students this week have started working on questioning and observing the caterpillars that have come in the mail. We have been working on asking and answering questions together to answer questions we are wondering about caterpillars, and to also be a good observer like a scientist. 
we also worked on the magic 4 which is when you use the picture and teach someone four things from the picture by observing the color, shape, and size of the animals in the pictures

J works on her circle map 

asking questions about caterpillars

L works on asking questions and then uses her books to help her find the answers

B works on questioning

I.B observes the caterpillars

This week in math students have been working on number combinations up to 10. They used red and green apples to figure out how many different ways they could arrange them in the basket. 

We have also been talking about fiction and nonfiction and we made a bubble map on the differences and similarities of the book characteristics.

 Students also have started to bring in animals for the endangered animal project for the Earth Day celebration

K elephant

We also worked on a class book on how to take care of the Earth.

J's page

J's page

K page

The students ideas on how to take care of the earth

L makes her Earth

B makes his earth

For earth day we talked about recycling and how to take care of the earth. We also discussed what would happen if you do not and even made a Earth with tissue paper and glue.
T and E make the earth

A worked on her recycling paper

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Welcome back!

Before the spring break we worked on different activities related to spring and the Easter holiday. We also took a trip to the Queens County Farm where we make candles out of bees wax. Students colored eggs and sorted jellybeans in math. We also had an egg hunt in the classroom!
J.Z, N and J.H make their candles

on the hayride at the farm

looking at the sheep on the farm

Students enjoyed making baskets and had such a great time looking for eggs in the classroom! They also enjoyed sorting the jellybeans into a bar graph for math. 
I.S sorts her jellybeans

A and J.Z sort

I.B goes on a egg hunt

W goes on a egg hunt!

Now that we have started back this week we are working on questioning and observing like a scientist. Today students used books on butterflies to write down what they already know and also worked on observing plants like a scientist to help them understand details and learn new vocabulary. 
N looks in her book to help her write down what she already knows and also what she observed

Our circle map on what we already know!

Students also worked on making detailed pictures like scientists. We couldn't go outside because of the rain so we used the image on the smart board to help us.

Students have also taken an interest to planting and have observed that our plants in the classroom have started to grow!
I.S shows the sunflower plant

Our new little pine plant

In the art center this week we have been working on making a brace map on the parts of a flower and then taking the parts and creating the whole plant.
N and I.S make their brace maps

M makes her brace map 

In blocks students have continued to work on buildings and have used the math shapes we have been learning about to help them. 
W and J create a building and identify they have used a prism, and cylinders for their building.