Sunday, March 19, 2017

Games, Authors, Strategies, and St Patricks

comparing shoes with cubes
Over the past few weeks students have been working on playing board games and they have also been working on making their own games. As a culminating project each student will be working on writing their own page for a big book to share out what game they know really well and also what they learned about during this time, as well as even teach others. Through this experience students have also been borrowing games to take home to teach family members how to play.
J shares how to play the Frozen game
Another thing students have been working on in choice time is making uubleck with our student teacher, Ms. Jeon who will be with us until Friday. She has been teaching the students how to do this on their own and each time they use a different color. 
J and S made pink oobleck
Something else we have been doing more of us cooking in choice time. We have made puppy chow snack mix and for St Patricks Day we made green Rice Krispie Treats. During the cooking students are learning how to measure and use math in their everyday lives. 
V cooks 

D and V add to rice Krispies

We have been continuing to study authors and have worked on learning a lot about each author. Students have been using thinking maps to share their thinking. They used the double bubble to compare two authors and two different books. 
comparing pete the cat and piggy and Gerald

Also in reading we have been working on adding in different strategies to help us during independent reading time. 
Each student has this card to help them while they read
Also in choice time we have been working on sharing out more of what we do during that time by adding in more to our journals and then sharing out our work with our classmates. 
P's journal
Lastly in math we have started  a measurement unit. We started with figuring out how to find out what size shoe we need without me giving the answer. Students have now used cubes, bears, yarn and other tools to help them figure out and understand measurement and the units used. They have been working on using their own shoes to even measure and compare objects in the classroom. 
J uses cubes to help measure

For St patricks day we used lucky charms to sort and graph and made fun hats to celebrate they day.

Friday, March 3, 2017

100th day , Dr Seuss, and Author study

 Welcome back!  Before the break we celebrated the 100th day of school. For this celebration students created different projects making something to show the amount of 100. They created these projects at home and brought them in to share.

students making 100 day hats and enjoying their snack 

For the 100th day we also created a fun snack in which we went from table to table to count out 10 different things until we each had 100 items in our bag as a snack. 

Before the break we also finished up our oral stories to help us get ready for our writing unit now which is taking a story they know really well and now instead of recording now you can write it out as a story you can read.  We also continued to work on our game playing and what we can do with board games in an attempt to start a new game study. Students have begun to borrow these games to help teach others at home and also have the ability to write about these games in the classroom. 
students playing candyland

our student teacher helps play a game

things we can add to play games

Now that we are back from the winter break we have started a lot of new learning and have begun an author study in which each student picks a different author to study from Donald Crews, Dr. Seuss, Ann Morris, David Shannon, and Mo Willems. Students are working on finding out more about these authors and the things they do to help them with reading and finding out about more books they like.

A, S, J and W study pete the cat James Dean author

J and S study David Shannon with No David books

S and A study Mo Willems

J, P, and C study Dr. Seuss
This week in math we also finished up how to make number combinations from a book The Bunk Bed story in which sara had a sleepover and she had 7 friends over. The question was how many ways can you make a number combination with 7, 6 and 8. Some examples are 4 and 3 which turns to 4+3=7.
N works with the wreckon wrack to show her thinking

We also celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday yesterday. We looked at how he uses rhyming words, makes silly books and some that are serious and even watched the cat in the hat, and made a cat in the hat snack. Students were able to create their own cat in the hat hats which they wrote at words to help them read. 

In choice time we made the snacks, and then we also worked on making some new and interesting block buildings. We also had new listening books and materials in the science center!

we made crystals in the science center

Have a great weekend and don't forget conferences are next Thursday!

Below is Angelas story!


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year, Groundhog Day, Donald Crews, and more!

Over the last week we have been doing some new and exciting learning. As we just celebrated the Chinese New Year, students were able to make lanterns, dragons, and had a chance to see the Lunar New Year show at Queens College. For our parent engagement family members had the chance to come in and make dragons with their child.
A shows his dragon

show at queens college

Another holiday that we learned about was Groundhog Day. Students learned about Groundhogs and they found out he saw his shadow which means six more weeks of winter. We even made fun Ground hog day hats!

Our groundhog day hats!
We also in cooking made jello for a chinese new year snack, to show the color red as a symbol!
S measures the water for the jello
Also in cooking, students made slime with borax, water, and glue. They used measuring cups and pictures to help them figure out how to make the slime and also decided as a group if they needed more glue or water to make the slime. 
J and C make the slime
Also in choice time students have been working on tally marks, and surveys to see who wants what for snack and also how many cups they need to fill to have enough for the class. 
During the last writing unit, students were looking at books by Donald Crews. They used a lot of his craft moves to create detailed pictures to help them and also different things as sound words and big bold words to make great pictures. 
J and Stella share their writing

A and V.L share their writing

Now that we have finished writing with Donald Crews as our mentor author, students are going to work on oral storytelling to help them get ready for personal narratives . They will be working on telling the same story over a few days to help them use sounds, language, and even hand motions to tell stories. 
N and W share stories in writing
In choice time we have been exploring games we can play as well. This week we closed choice time to discuss and play board games. We are learning about the types of board games there are, how to play the games, what you need to play and also how to work together. 
We have used candy land, chutes and ladders, sorry, and snakes and ladders. 
students play candy land

We also have a student teacher Ms. Jeon who will be with us until the end of March. The students are enjoying having here here and being able to have extra support in the classroom.

In art Mr. Danny will be finishing up the art program with his last day next week. He will then be sharing with the families the art work in a gallery display. The students worked with paper today to create different images that resemble a play ground. They have been working on tearing, gluing and making different images. 

We also have been working in word study how to help each other with sight words. We have been using different words on the word wall and when students find words in their independent reading books with that word inside it, they are able to add it to the chart on the wall!

words that have at and the in them