Thursday, June 12, 2014

Poetry and our Art Show

Today we started looking at what a poem is and what poetry could be. Students were able to illustrate and look at a packet of poems during reading time. They were able to identify that poetry can be silly, has animals in it , can be sounds, and even could be a story. We will continue with poetry until next week, and students will work on understanding rhyming, line breaks, and even write their own poems.

Today in studio in the school Ms. Belinda took the class on a gallery walk so they could observe their final project and also invited families in to look at the art work. A few parents came to observe the work, and the self portraits will be up until the end of the year.
Students also had the opportunity to observe others portraits as well!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Art, Hat day, and Adopting and Elephant

Today students wore their craziest hats to school! Some of them brought them in from home, while others took the ones we made yesterday in class to wear today!

F and his hat he made at school

K, Z, L, S and S show their crazy hats!

In centers students have been working on learning how to play new games and also use a lot of blocks to create different buildings. This week they learned how to play checkers!

In studio in the school, Ms. Belinda came and helped the students add onto their self portraits by adding hair, shoes, and even details. Next week will be their last session before the big art gallery show!
Ms. Belinda shows the students how to add on

In the art center students have taken an interest in making purses, and other creative things. We are studying nonfiction animals and I came across a great article on how to help save an elephant and even how to go ahead and adopt one. Students have decided to make more bags, jewelry, pictures, and frames for money collected. The students who bring in donations then get to choose something to take home. This week we have raised 13 dollars. We need 50 to adopt an elephant!
students work on making purses

article on the elephant

Monday, May 19, 2014

Earth day, Jump a Thon and Art

Last week students were able to learn more about Earth Day and all the ways they can help the Earth and make it a better place. They learned how to compost with worms, make new crayons out of old crayons, and were even able to learn about pollution and ways to help recycle. Thanks to Ms. Sandner for making it such a great day!
M made an Earth Day magnet

new crayons

recycling game

Ms. Sandner showed recycled projects and did a presentation.

In art Ms. Belinda has been working on adding to the life size portraits. Students this week added clothes to their bodies. 

On Friday students participated in the Jump A Thon to help raise money for sick children. Our class raised 110 dollars. The students were able to jump rope for 8 minutes.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Srping

Hello families, I am back from my wedding and it was so amazing. I had the best time!! I now am Mrs. Rivera but will not be changing my name until September!

In class we have been working on How To's and also nonfiction features in reading. In math we have been working on groups and how to make groups in jars adding different numbers. In art Ms. Belinda came today and we added more to our portraits. We focused in on ears, and mouths today. The end project will be a full self portrait. !
J feels his neck so he can see how much paper to cut

Ms. Belinda models how to apply the ears

a self portrait

Ms. B shows F how to add his shirt
E works on her face

This week J brought in photos from his family trip to Florida!

Friday, April 25, 2014

What's going on

Welcome back from our Spring Break! This week students had the opportunity to work on making connections in math with grouping numbers and also with using jars to show their connections.
L works on her grouping 

showing how to make 10

showing 11

In art this week with Ms. Belinda students worked on looking at their faces with mirrors to create the start of their self portraits. Students picked out their skin color based on what they looked at in the mirror. They also also worked on making sure to notice how their eyes were shaped. They will continue to do this until they create their entire self!
F looks to see if his paper matches

S works on making the shape of her face

In reading students have been working on nonfiction and looked at facts this week. They learned how to gather facts from using the pictures. +
F looks for facts in his book.

Z's facts from her butterfly book

We used the smartboard to look at nonfiction texts.

In the block center students worked on making really large buildings. 

Q measured himself 

Today we had a safety person come in to talk about bike, car, and walking safety. Students received bags with information and activities to do at home.