Sunday, October 23, 2016

Projects, making Bread and more learning experiences

A wrote about the playground
P's story of her playing outside on the playground

This past week we have been looking at the work we have been doing on the playground and also with studying different aspects of a playground. We started with what we like to do and what we know about playgrounds, and have now moved to games we can play on the playground, and also using collage materials to show different things we like to do on the playground.
circle map of what we like to do 

tree map on what we like to play and games

students playing games outside

A collage of the swings on the playground

This week in choice time we worked more in the block center and students have been working on building tall buildings and even have started to come up with little games just they play on a playground outside. In the dramatic play area we worked on cooking and we made pumpkin bread which we shared as a snack on  Friday!

our bread!
In the block center we also worked on keeping up our buildings so that we can return to add more the next day.
a building 

In science and outside students are very interested in studying and sorting leaves. They bring in leaves daily and we have been adding them to the art center daily and then have been reading and using books to explore different leaves and learning about all the types of trees they come from. 

V makes his own book with leaves and leaf rubbing plates

N and A observe leaves 

We also opened our easel painting center and with Fall and Halloween approaching students used the pumpkins and paint to create different images they observed. 

 In math we have been working with shapes and continue to count daily. This week we used paper to make collages with different shapes.
student S made a  heart and recctangles
This week we finished up our first writing unit, and students were able to edit and publish their writing in which they used crayons and colored pencils to finish their writing by making it even more beautiful. Another thing students have started to use emergent print to write on their own and make cards in the writing center. 
A makes a card

P finished writing which also relates to the playground study
This week we will be celebrating our writing, working with pumpkins and looking more in depth at our playground study, leaves, and learning new letters and sight words as well as begin new reading and writing units.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Exploring things in Fall, and games.

Botanical Garden
We went on a trip to the Botanical Garden to observe the changes that are happening in the fall. We observed different trees, bark, and saw different insects. Some of the students were able to collect different leaves, found acorns, and different branches to be brought back to the classroom for the use in choice time. Students also were able to plant a pomegranite seeds,  and tasted them. They were then able to take the plants home to water and watch them grow! During the trip we observed oak tree leaves, and maple leaves. In class students have become very interested in the leaves outside and we have been collecting the leaves to use for different projects in the classroom.
observing the trees

we observed fish 

learning more about plants and trees

we tasted the seeds.

This week in choice time we have introduced new learning materials, as leaf rubbing plates, acorns, different paints and pumpkins to create different items. We also started using the blocks this week and students have created buildings. 

A uses paints to paint a pumpkin

S uses the leaf plates and pictures to observe different types of plates

In regards to the play ground we have been discussing what games we play and what games we can teach each other on the playground. Students came up with other games they know how to play on the playground and then will teach each other how to play when we go outside at recess.
R and C playing tag outside

our circle map with games we know

V writing about games she knows how to play 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Apples, Applesauce, color mixing and more

This past week we have learned how to use bubble maps and brace maps to learn and explore more about Fall. Through the use of exploring things we observe during the fall and through the use of our senses, students tasted different apples and as a class we even made applesauce.  After we ate the applesauce we even were able to take the recipe home with us and read a book that we made together. When we made the applesauce students were able to chop the apples, smell the ingredients and we discussed how we use our senses on a daily basis.

students help cut the apples for the apple sauce 

cutting the apples

part of our bubble map used to describe apples

We used a crock pot to slow cook the apples and then after 4 hours we served it as a snack. 
Ms. Pat helps the students

S adds the sugar for the applesauce
This week we worked on coloring mixing and discussed the primary colors red, blue, and yellow and how we can make other colors from mixing these colors together. We did this activity as a follow up from our shared reading text Mouse Paint which we read this week. 
P and V mix paint colors
This week in reading workshop we launched partner reading and discussed how readers when they read with a partner share the text, discuss favorite parts and talk about the text with each other. 
R and S share their text during partner reading time

J and V share the text
This week we had our first parent engagement activity at our school. We held an open playground time for families to play together and for students to interact with their peers. We took out eh chalk and even used the hula hoops . 
parents and their children with chalk 

more fun with chalk
In choice time we opened the kitchen center and students also added more to the light center. After listening to conversations the play ground project may get put to the side and we may move into exploring outerspace and rocket ships!
s makes a rocket ship
Don't forget Friday we have a walking trip to the farmers market!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Playdough, choice time, and fall

This past week students were introduced to the block center. Each student had the chance to help build something , and then as a class we looked at what happens when we move blocks in a different way and we also discussed how we can take one building and just by moving a piece it becomes entirely different.
V and J work on making a building with the blocks

This week students noticed the changes in the weather and the changes in the leaves on the tree. They also took out the musical instruments to use outside during outdoor play. 
students use the musical instruements

Students observe the changing leaves
Also this week students learned how to make play dough. They then were able to create different images and shapes with the play dough. Then they were able to take the play dough home. We talked about what happens as we mix it together, and also what happens when you roll it or even pinch the play dough. 
W and R use the play dough

Our play dough recipe

This week we also used different centers in choice time. We worked with materials that have been introduced and also added in some new materials. Students worked in the science, sensory center, puppets, puzzles, painting, light center, and play dough. Each week we will try to work with different items in hopes this sparks up a project idea and or other topics of discussion. 
A, D, and V work in the light center 

V.L works in the puzzle center

N uses sunflower petals and water color paints in the painting center

C works in the science center

V. C works in the science center and makes a observational book using the word wall to spell

With the leaves changing and time for art, students listened to the book Leaf Man and after they listened to the story they then took leaves to create their own images just like in the Leaf Man book. 
from Leaf Man the leaves turned into a goose
with the leaves they also used different crayons to add details to their pictures.
A shows his design

C works on his picture

Students add details

A works to make different animals. 

In math we have been exploring through making patterns, sorting and looking at different shapes. On Friday they were introduced to math centers and new materials as geo boards were presented to the class to use. 
R and V.C. work on counting by using dots on the ladybugs

D used cubes to make numbers

Students work with the geoboards

S and M make pictures with shapes
Our letter for next week is G and words that begin with G, g, and our new sight words are me, and my. Last week we added I , am and Play.