Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss, and making number combinations through 8

Today students worked on celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. They listened to some videos on Dr. Seuss, made hats that showed rhmying words as cat, hat, mat, fat, and sat. They also made oobleck in centers and it was related to the book Bartholomue and the Oobleck. The recipe is very easy and is so much fun.
It contains 1 cup of water.
2 cups of cornstarch
food coloring your choice. If the oobleck is too dry then add more water. You can add more if you need to  depending on consistency.

J plays with the oobleck

M and G work with the oobleck and they had so much fun
Ms. J worked with the oobleck center to!

A and A work together

Today in math students listened to a story called Bunk Beds. They worked on a problem in which they had to act it out, model it , and or show their thinking. The problem was how can you show 8 children on a bunk bed. Show a model, be able to explain your thinking, and also how can you share your work wheather or not it was a drawing, model, or sentence. STudents were asked to think about how many different ways can they show this?
D shows his thinking by drawing out his model

Q made his model by drawing five on the bottom and then three on the top

Q also used the wrack to help him show his work 

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