Friday, March 28, 2014

3D Shapes and Maps

Today after our morning meeting with Ms. Tu, I took her activity and applied it with my own class.The job of the students was to take a thinking map that they don't usually do and work alone or with a partner to show their thinking. We first looked at Time For Kids, and read the article about how plants grow. Students then went off and created their maps. I was so impressed with what they did. Some students challenged themselves and made bridge maps, multi flow maps, and even brace maps. A few even attempted a double bubble. Take a look at their amazing work!
J works on his double bubble map

S tried a bridge map 

A made a double bubble

F tried a tree map 

M made a circle map 

A tried a brace map 

D did a bridge map 

J did a multi flow map

The students were so engaged and excited about their learning. They even made flow maps in reading to retell their stories!

In math we have been working on looking at and observing different shapes. We have learned the difference between 3d shapes and 2d shapes. Students have worked on making shapes with toothpicks and marsh mellows, to creating a collage of shapes!

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