Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Exploring more tools in measurement

Students have been exploring and learning about different tools they can use to measure. They have used cubes and also traced their feet to help them identify how to measure and understand length, width, and how long/short things are.Some students even explored the idea of perimeter and area!
F and J figure out how many cubes could fill up the paper

students explore with new materials to come up with a way to measure objects

J puts things together to see if he can measure the table

Q measures his paper to find out he needs more cubes

J measures in the dramatic play area

M measures the clothing holder

G and s work together to measure the table

E glues popsicle sticks to figure out another tool to measure

q counts out how many cubes he used and figured out the other side is the same.

students use cubes and sticks to compare lengths and discuss longer and shorter

M sees how long he is by comparing the sticks

A makes her own tool

J and D compare lengths. J was 6 sticks long and D was 5. They understood that J was taller than D by one.

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