Friday, September 27, 2013

Patterns and star of the day

In word study we have been doing the Star of the day. Students are learning about each other and learning what their name is, their age, and also their favorite color and food. Each day a different student is chosen and then the chart goes into a classbook. This helps the students gain fluency and repetition. Today J was the star!
J points and reads all about himself!
In math we have been working on different activities and also getting a feel for how to use all the tools we will need this year. We have been sorting, looking at and describing shapes, and figuring out how to create different patterns, and where they are besides in the classroom. Students used manipulatives to create many different patterns. 

g made a big little pattern

Q made a abc pattern with pattern blocks

double color pattern


  1. Q made a abc pattern with pattern blocks。
    see my son.I am so happy for his progress.