Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Measurement, Interactive writing, reading shares, and centers

Students are continuing to work on measurement and have come up with different materials to help them measure. One way they found was with their feet, another with cubes, and now with new measuring sticks that are in groups of five and ten. Some students have even started to figure out what area is by thinking about how many cubes can fit inside an object! They have also begun to discuss and figure out that if they use one measuring tool, it will help them figure out another way to measure. They have also worked on identifying shorter and longer by using different classroom materials to help them.
C and E figure out how to use the cubes with the measuring sticks
T and B figure out that the table is 60 sticks long and they still needed four cubes to complete the measurement

In reading today, students worked on stopping in their books when they had a wondering about a part in the story. They then used post its to mark that spot. During partner reading time, they shared their wonderings.
B and A share their wonderings
E and H share what they found in their books
L puts a post it on her wondering page and shares her thinking with K

During the end of the day, Mr. Groff came in and did an interactive writing lesson with the students. Students first thought of a sentence that they could write about. They thought of something that had happened to them during the school day. C was the student who came up with the sentence. Now we will begin to make an interactive writing book, where each day a different student will illustrate a page and it will become a class book. 
H writes a word

Mr. Groff starts out the story.

He showed students how to count out the words to make a sentence

C's sentence

Students also worked on comparing and talking about objects that are shorter and longer than other objects

T even discovered area

Also at the end of the day students used the camera to record what they did in the block center and other areas. They worked on making a museum and in the writing center they made Valentines Day cards for students!
Making valentines

the museum
A makes a track for the cars
T and K create the dinosaur museum

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