Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our final project

Over the past month students have been really engaged and excited about dinosaurs. This led to a discussion of reptiles, which led to an observation of turtles in the classroom. From many of the discussions I heard from students, one was "The turtle is getting stuck and we need to build him a new home. "Student K. The students also noted that one of the turtles was being greedy and that he needed to take a break, just like students need to do when they do not behave in the classroom. Student S suggested that we add a thinking house , just like the thinking chair in school. So students set out to work on building homes for the turtles. However students came across a problem because the homes were not holding up and the paper they used were getting wet.

The next morning in morning meeting, I asked the students how we could create a home that would not fall apart, and what should we use to build the home. Student W said,"let's use super sticky wood glue."Student A said,"logs, blocks, and glue."  Another student W, said,"let's make a castle house for the turtles." So students set off to work and started their creation. They found that the logs and glue was a much better idea. They did not finish their home but will continue to work on it in the following weeks. Below are photos of their progress so far.

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