Monday, October 4, 2010

What's going on!!

Dear families,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday. I would like to still try to go to Red Mango, but with the weather the date is still in the air. I apologize for that and hope we will be able to go sometime this week. On Friday I had the chance to visit the Tribeca Community School, which bases their instruction on the Reggio philosophy. I was able to observe the students and watch how project work and documentation was implemented.  I hope to incorporate a lot of what I saw into our own program. It was great to see how the teacher's ran the projects and the way language was supported and used in the classroom. As far as projects go students will be working on different projects depending on their interests and abilities.
I noticed students were working with wire to create art projects and we had a chance to explore that in the classroom. Our focus is still on family and ourselves.  We introduced the letter C, and will be working on words and finding the letter C in our classroom community.  In math we are still focusing in on one to one correspondence, and learning how to play different math games. Some of the students even made their own dice so they can teach you a game at home!!!
Today I started the sign out of library books. Students will be able to check out books in the classroom when they return the books to class. The purpose of this is to get them ready for the upcoming library trip on the 13th, and teach them responsibility of caring for the books. Overall today was a great day!!! Have a great week and if you have any questions remember to use my email, at
One last thing we have also been using the computer and some great websites to go on are, as well as

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