Tuesday, February 9, 2010

over the break

Families, due to the weather that we are supposed to get tomorrow there will not be any school. Remember that from February 15-19 there will not be any school, and school will resume on the 22. Our trip is rescheduled for Tuesday February 23, 2010.

Over the break some ideas that you can do with your child are to explore your neighborhood outdoors. Take your child to the park or just take a walk to the botanical gardens. While you are outside you may want to ask your child questions. Also as you are reading to them daily, make sure that you are stopping to ask them questions, and at the end you may even want to see what they remember.

When it comes to spelling and writing make sure you do not tell your child how to spell the word correctly,rather you can help them sound out the word and write down the letter sounds.This will help them to become emergent readers.

Lastly if you would like to come in and read to the class feel free to let me know when you are available. Jaden's mother came in today and read the little red hen. The students loved it and are looking forward to Sarah's father's visit. Once again thanks for all you do, and I hope to see and hear from all of you soon!!!!

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