Friday, January 22, 2010

Have a great weekend!!!

Families, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. A few things to talk with and work with your child on the weekend are to read and talk about dinosuars. We have just finished our first week learning about dinosuars and it has been so exciting. We will continue to learn about dinosaurs for the rest of January.
Some vocabulary words to work on are whip, snatch, meteor, cold-blooded, extinct,and fled.
In math we are still doing graphing and we just learned what a vote was today.

Remember tuesday the 26, is the PTA meeting. Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!!!


  1. Jonathan F likes dinosuars!!!
    thank you for the movie about a dinosuar playing with monkeys and the monkeks sitting
    on him.....

  2. aw thanks, I am so glad you enjoyed it!!!