Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome to Kindergarten!

It was such a great first two days of school. I really enjoyed getting to meet all of the students in my class and their families. The first two days were a 1/2 day and we went over many different rules and procedures. The students became familiar with the staff in the building and they also had music! Students even had the opportunity to look at our school garden and taste a bell pepper, tomato, and even some basil! They became familiar with the chime, and the hand signals to use for when they need to go to the bathroom, get water, and to answer and ask questions.
The students were excited, some nervous, and some even a little sad but as they get used to school and experience all the fun that is to be had they are really going to have a great year. I am so excited to be working with you all and look forward to our first full week together. As a reminder tomorrow is the first full day. Students will be picked up at 2:20 pm. I look forward to what is to come as I get to know each and everyone of you even better! Thank you for returning your materials and I have enjoyed reading your family surveys. If you have not please do so this week. See you tomorrow!
Mrs. Zarian showed the students how to use playground equipment

Students observed the playground

H showed the class how to use the bridge

T showed us how to go across on the monkey bars!

J, J, L, and R observe the sandbox

B smells Basil

Mrs Zarian gets a large tomato for the class

H has a tomato and B observes!

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