Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello Families

Hello families!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This past week we have been doing a lot of exploration and looking at different topics of interest. We are still talking about fall, and pumpkins, but some of the students have become interested in birds from going outdoors during recess. A few of the students wanted to make bird feeders, and leave them outside to see if the birds or squirrels would eat the food we left in the containers. We put bird seed in and then went out the next day to discover the food was gone. Student H said," let's put apples in there to see if they will eat them", students K said," I think the squirrels ate all the foods, and the birds did not get any." With these comments we will continue to watch the feeders and see what happens.

Unfortunately the snails have died. We talked about this in the classroom, and now students would like to get a new class pet. We will take a vote soon!!!

In math we are continuing to play and learn different math games. The letters we have done are a, o, c, d, g, and s this week. Continue to work on letters and sounds. Some activities you can do are to look for words that have these letters, and even have your child cut out words they see to help promote scissor cutting skills.
Friday is our fall festival, and remember our party starts at 1:00. Last reminder family projects need to be handed in this week. Have a wonderful week.


The pictures show how students worked on bird feeders!!!

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