Monday, March 22, 2010

This week

Families, I hope you had a great weekend!!! This week will be the last week before the break and we will be ending our units on plants, healthy eating, and measurement in math. When we return on April 7,2010 we will begin to look at a unit on bugs and different insects. In our math unit we will start to look at shapes and how they are all around us.

Although the weather will be rainy tomorrow we will still be going on our trip. Please send your child in with an umbrella and a raincoat if you have available. I will also be sending home a plant with each of your children that you can plant outside together.

Some things that you can do over the break are to take a look at books on bugs and insects. You can stop and discuss with your child anything you notice or see about bugs that we have around this area.

Some websites on the computer that will help are:,

The letter we will be focussing in on this week is the letter w. By now students should know how to write and say the sound of all letters except for y, and Z. Over the break try to go over these letters and sounds as well as the strokes to make each letter.
Have a wonderful week

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