Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Plants and how to plant!!!

Families, I hope you had a great weekend. Some things that we are working on this week are the following. Currently in the classroom we are working on planting different plants as well as fruits and vegetables. Today we started planting different flowers in the classroom and tomorrow we will be going outside to plant different vegetables. Hopefully the weather will turn nice and we will eventually get to taste what we have planted. Some new vocabulary words are stem, root, leave, bud, pollen, flower, soil, and oxygen. Remember next week we have our trip to the botanical garden and if you would like to come, we would love the help!!!

Now that it is getting nice out you might want to do some planting of your own at home.This is a great way to reinforce what we have been doing at school.

A great website to help your students have fun and learn at the same time is the following: http://www.primarygames.com/science/flowers/flowers.htm
Enjoy and have a great week!!!

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