Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween!

As a class we celebrated Halloween on Friday and the class had so much fun. The students made and played a memory card game that Ms. Rebecca had brought in for them. They also made Happy Halloween cards, which went well with our unit of study, which is writing in the world. One of the types of writing the class has been working on is making cards.

Also during the week we worked again on acting out the stories that we have been reading. This time we acted out the Three Billy Goats Gruff. 

D, J and L act out the story 

L acts out her part as the big billy goat

Students also this week worked on a flow map by putting story events in order to help them retell the story in their own words and from their memory.
flow map of the Little Red Hen

This week we also looked at syllables. The students were introduced to syllables earlier in the year and we went back to look at how syllables are helpful and how they help us sound out words, and it helps the students think about the big sounds they hear.

working on syllable writing by adding words to a poem.

This week the students talked about music again. J brought in his violin to play and share with the class.

During the week the poetry center was introduced and  students worked on cutting out a poem and then they had to find the sight words of the week. This center will be open from now on so the students are able to read words from the week.

In the block building center students continued to work on a city representation. When we visit the Transit Museum this week, I hoping this sparks an even greater interest in building in the block center.

This week in the art center, students worked on spider hats in celebration of Halloween!

J and her hat
Lastly in the art center this week, students were able to create Halloween hats. Students made spider hats

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