Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 2 and ready to learn more!

Today students did a great job at remembering all that we did last week during the first week of school. Today we introduced the bubble map which is when students use adjectives and describing words to talk about an object. Today they used water color paints to create their bubble map.
The green frame shows how do we know this

Students paintings they created with their exploration of water colors

Today in math students explored yet another math material. They used the geoboards to create different images and shapes. They were able to even use math vocabulary to help them. By friday they will be able to have choice time in which they choose any of the math materials we have explored to use the tools in way to do learning.
J and I create different shapes

R creates shapes

Im really excited to open centers soon. The sand/water table below was funded through my donors choose sight. I can't wait to get the rest of our materials. 

Our fall sensory table

Last week students used their pictures to show their self portraits here is the class!
Our self portraits!

Throughout the week we will be working on writing out names with different shapes, using glue, scissors, dry erase markers and getting more acquainted with center work. 

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