Friday, May 23, 2014

Art, Hat day, and Adopting and Elephant

Today students wore their craziest hats to school! Some of them brought them in from home, while others took the ones we made yesterday in class to wear today!

F and his hat he made at school

K, Z, L, S and S show their crazy hats!

In centers students have been working on learning how to play new games and also use a lot of blocks to create different buildings. This week they learned how to play checkers!

In studio in the school, Ms. Belinda came and helped the students add onto their self portraits by adding hair, shoes, and even details. Next week will be their last session before the big art gallery show!
Ms. Belinda shows the students how to add on

In the art center students have taken an interest in making purses, and other creative things. We are studying nonfiction animals and I came across a great article on how to help save an elephant and even how to go ahead and adopt one. Students have decided to make more bags, jewelry, pictures, and frames for money collected. The students who bring in donations then get to choose something to take home. This week we have raised 13 dollars. We need 50 to adopt an elephant!
students work on making purses

article on the elephant

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