Thursday, March 20, 2014

Studio in the school, shape hunt, and writing.

Today Ms. Belinda came for art. The students learned about what a collage is and also how to rip, tear, and even arrange their art work to create a collage with 6-10 pieces of paper that they wripped and teared into different images and shapes. The students chose between making their collage with black paper or white paper.

Ms. Belinda demonstrates the art work 

J's shark

D's monster

Sharing our art
In math we went on a shape hunt and looked for different shapes we found in the classroom and explored 2d and 3d shapes. Students used circle maps to create a list of all the different objects in the classroom that had shapes. 

F writes down his findings

A found hexagons in the circle

G and S's shape find work

D found a sphere and thought about if it was a circle or not

In writing students have been working on writing personal stories across 3 pages. Here is an example from G. 

As a reminder don't forget Monday is our trip!

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