Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Today in literacy centers, J was the photographer of the day. Thanks to Ms. Esther and Mr. Andy this has been such a great idea and the students look forward to this. In the centers students worked on finding letters around the room, finding words around the room, sorting out letters with tall, and short. They also worked on making a blend book to help them identify that some words have more than one letter when it comes to making a sound. Also thanks to Ms. Strat, today we worked on pushing the sounds up rather than tapping sounds out. This is definitely a great tool and I look forward to implementing more.
J took a photo of A in the listening center

Finding words center

sorting letters by tall and short and similar characteristics

making a blend book

C makes a card

A looking for letters in the room 

H writing blend words

 As a reminder don't forget to send in your 100th day projects. I have received around 10 and I still need about 14 more. If you need supplies don't forget to ask!
Lastly I am sending a note home today in regards to Valentines Day!

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