Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Today in writing we began to look at and talk about what a real story was. We practiced telling partners stories of real events in our lives. I went around and listened to the students. Alot of the students were doing a great job at adding to their stories and listening to each other.
E and A share their stories
K and B share their stories

After when we came back to the rug students shared out their stoties.
B said, "mine is about Hawaii and feeding the seals."
E said, "I went skiing."
S said, "I went to school."
C said, " I went to the San Diego Zoo."

We will continue to work on the stories tomorrow and add even more details to our stories.

Thanks to an idea from Ms. Esther we have also started the photographer of the day. Today J and H used the camera during literacy centers.

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