Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane, Snow, and Play

At the end of the day we talked more about the Hurricane and what we could do as a class. Thanks to Ms. Esther we were able to watch a great video from pbs kids about how to help when a hurricane is over. We discussed words as volunteer, help, disaster, and sympathy. Students came up with some great ways they could help people in a hurricane.

Some of the responses were :
We can let people live with us.
We can rebuild the house.
We can send money.
We can give toys we don't use to kids that need.
We can send food.
We can give them a new home.

We then watched the video and discussed even more. I showed the students some pictures from Staten Island that I took yesterday when I went out to volunteer with Ms. Sandner, and Ms. Anna. It was so hard to believe the damage, but also a great feeling to know I was able to help a little. Thank you parents for donating materials to Mrs. Dubin's sister as she truly appreciates it. Also thank you for the canned foods and pennies.

 Students were also so surprised to see Snow outside. We talked about what happens when it snows and what they could do in the snow. Many of the students wanted to go outside, but it was way to cold to do that!

At the end of the day we moved into centers. Students were excited about the new materials. In the sand center students were exploring and talking about how to cover the dinosaurs and that dinosaurs live in caves.

The interest of dinosaurs is still a project discussion that I hope we can reschedule the trip to the Museum in the spring.

W made a dinosaur with rocks

Thanks to Donors choose, some students were able to use their art pads in which they can keep and use as their own art work pad. W, J, and H used their pads after they explored and created images with rocks and shells from science.

The students also explored new vocabulary rough, smooth, bumpy, and soft. They used clipboards and papers to explore and draw materials that matched these words. 

In the writing center, S was creating  cards for other students. We did card making in writing today. He wanted to create a mailbox in which students can put their letters, and or cards and then have a monitor deliver the mail at the end of the day. It was so great to see how he transferred what he learned in writing to his language through development center.

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