Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Groups of 8, Dinosaurs, and Thanksgiving

S, J, and B make combinations
Today in math students worked on creating different combinations of 8. They used the reckon wrack and worked with a partner to create and show the ways they came up with combinations of 8. They then shared at the rug their combinations.

Students also worked on their dinosaur project today. They worked on labeling some of their dinosaurs by using a book, and they also added more details to their clay. They are really starting to think about where they want to go with this. One possible suggestion was creating a dinosaur with sticks. After Thanksgiving we will try this out.
S works on labeling his dinosaur

 Students continued to work on writing. They created menus. They were able to create different types. We then shared as a class types of menus they could create in dramatic play. Students continued this writing process in language development centers today
B makes a menu for vegetables

Students also worked on a thanksgiving puppet. They created a turkey

Students also continued to work on blocks.They took their time and created many different structures. They then created a city through the use of teamwork. Some students even labeled their work.

 In the light center, students worked on creating other types of buildings.

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