Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Apple boxes, Patterns, and More

Welcome back from your Thanksgiving break! I hope it was restful and everyone enjoyed themselves. As a reminder our trip to the Transit Museum is tomorrow.

H and T create their combination of 10
B and K create 5 and 5

Today we had the opportunity to have Ms. Janan a math in the city consultant come in and teach about apple boxes. Students worked on seeing how many different combinations of 10 they could make using apple boxes. They had five red apples and five green apples. They then went to work and drew their thinking. They worked in partners.
H and H take a look at their box 

Students then went to the rug where they had a math congress. Miss. Janan went over all the different ways they showed 10.

During literacy centers students noticed that the weather had started to change and some of them saw snow starting to fall. They wanted to change the tree because they said there were no longer leaves on it, but rather snow. S, and A worked on labeling with new winter words and created a new tree in the room. This then lead to a group of students working on a small pattern book SNOW IS......... This was such a great center because we have been reading a lot of pattern books in class.

During language development centers a small group continued their investigation of dinosaurs. K discussed that he thought birds came from dinosaurs and then the discussion moved into what other species of animals could come from dinosaurs. Mr. Andy has a bearded dragon, so the students, K, K, and W went down to prek and took a picture. When they returned they were amazed to see how much the bearded dragon resembled the dinosaur. They then took their ideas and created a collage with paper of different dinosaurs. K even used the labtop to help label with B, and HS.

H labels his dinosuar which K told him it was a Brachiousaurous

Students will continue to work on this investigation as the question remains, What other animals are related to dinosaurs and how are they similar and or different?

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