Saturday, January 8, 2011

What an exciting week!!

Making masks for our play!
Families, we have been working hard all week long. We are finally entering phase 3 of the project approach. During this phase students are asked to decide how they would like to share the information that they have been learning. The topic of the project began with an investigation about animals that hibernate, which led to studying bears, taking a field trip to Central Park, and then finally with their end product. The way in which they want to share their work is
through a play called The 3 Little Bears.

This week we have been working on making scenery for our play by using the book to help us look at what the background would look like. We also have been discussing what to add and how to go about the process. We have been practicing lines, creating props, and even have been making invitations to invite people to watch our performance.  We will continue to practice our parts and get everything in order. We are very excited to share with everyone what we are learning. Once we are finished and all is complete we will let you know when the performance will be.
We even wrote a letter to help us get started with inviations.

Starting next week we will continue to work on our play, but will be moving forward with new inquiries and projects. Who knows where we will go, or what topic we will explore, but it is an exciting and fun learning experience.  
How it all began!

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